Frostbite is nasty stuff. Once you have been frostbitten, you can be scarred for life and you can have permanent circulation problems in the affected areas.

You get frostbite when you have skin exposed to severe cold temperatures for a period of time (the amount of time depends on body type, size and other factors). Your body stops sending blood to that area to save the rest of the body. Once this happens, freezing is not long off. Continue reading “Frostbite”

Pilates for Runners

by Cara Hazelton

Runners are always in search of ways to improve their performance. As an Authentic Pilates specialist, the one thing I often see missing from regular training regimes is a strong, supple and stable relationship between the pelvis and spine.

In simple terms, a human body is a torso with levers. If the torso is weak, rigid or unstable, the levers will not work properly or with ease. The levers (our arms and legs) are attached to the torso (which contains the spine) by a variety of muscles. The legs are not solely attached to the pelvis, just as the arms are not solely attached to the shoulder blades. Both the arms and the legs are attached to the back, which is why a strong, supple and stable spine allows for healthy movement of the limbs. Continue reading “Pilates for Runners”

Stocking Stuffers/Gifts Under $25

by David Falk

Here is a list of running-inspired stocking stuffers that includes, but is not limited to, fitness accessories of the season: traction aids that keep you above ground and Buffs that keep the cold air out. Our accessory buyer Jay Crockett unerringly picked the most durable and resilient “little things” that will ease the tension with how one gets out the door this winter. All for under $25 or under–cheap never should be confused with inferior, nor small with trivial. After all, isn’t it the little things that make up life or, in spirit of these gifts, the meters that make up the kilometers? Continue reading “Stocking Stuffers/Gifts Under $25”

Can I Return to Running After My Hip Replacement?

by Dr. Richard Beauchamp, M.D., FRCSC

Joint replacement surgery, particularly of the hip and knee, has become one of the most frequently performed operations around the world. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, over 300,000 total hip replacements (THR) are completed in the United States every year, and the number of knee replacements is even higher. Continue reading “Can I Return to Running After My Hip Replacement?”

Beat the Elements

by David Falk

We’re telling the weather where to go and as the classic Tom Petty song once said, we won’t back down. Regardless of temperature variations, our buyer recommendations remain old school: layering tops, wind-breaking jackets and insulating shoes.

One innovation is the increased functionality and reflective capabilities blended stylistically into both accessories and apparel. This new aesthetic get props, but the real hero is the insulation that is responsible for properly preparing you as it facilitates–maybe even celebrates– winter running. Continue reading “Beat the Elements”