Reasons to Love the Half Marathon

by John Stanton

Running or walking a half marathon is no small feat—it requires physical preparation and mental endurance. I am amazed when I hear race participants say: “I’m just doing the half marathon.”

Breaking news: the half marathon generally begins at the same start line and ends at the same finish line. You earn a medal, get a new race shirt and best of all, recover twice as fast as the full marathon runners. At marathon weekends across Canada, the 21.1K consistently draws more participants than the 42.2K. Continue reading “Reasons to Love the Half Marathon”

Distracted Cardio

by Kelsey Davidson

Does this sound familiar?

  • Tie up the shoe laces
  • Head to the workout room
  • Turn on the Netflix
  • And turn on the Dreadmill (aka the treadmill that you dread)
  • “Game on” for the next 30 minutes.

I have heard from others about this many times and I have also done them myself.  I’m not going to say I haven’t spent hours on a treadmill watching movies: I have. In reality being on a treadmill for 30 minutes or a hour can be painful both physically and mentally. Every thought of what we could be doing instead of running on a treadmill comes to mind and temptation to hit that red  “STOP” button comes up every 90 seconds: it can be really tedious. I feel it. I also feel the opportunity to accomplish the one task at hand which is running a specific time or distance and not checking out. Continue reading “Distracted Cardio”

Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks

I have been listening to podcasts for years, so it was natural that when I did start running four years ago, I would bring them along. I can be fussy about what music I listen to. My runs are often interrupted when I listen to music, as I skip songs searching for ones that match my mood or pace. With podcasts, I can choose one and go. I choose a podcast– from 20 minutes to over two hours– depending on the distance and my mood. There is a podcast on every imaginable topic whether you want to be entertained or keep up with current events. Often, I’ll get to the end of a run and the podcast isn’t finished; this is always a good reminder that I am not finished either, so I will leave it on while I stretch and foam roll.  Continue reading “Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks”

The Reward of the TCS New York City Marathon

by Stephen Price

For most of us, running started out as a passive hobby. It was something to do to burn a few extra calories, to maintain a particular level of fitness, or, to ward off an upcoming birthday. Our goals were to run for 10 minutes straight or perhaps finish a local 5K race. But then, something amazing happened.

It’s easy enough to discredit the next stage of our running as simply getting the “running bug”, or perhaps discovering our competitive edge. But it was truly more than that; what happened was that we discovered something deep inside. We discovered that we are extremely capable, our bodies very adaptive, and that there is an athlete inside every one of us. Continue reading “The Reward of the TCS New York City Marathon”

This fall, what are some healthy eating tips with seasonal foods?

by Tara Postnikoff

Fall is a transitional season. For runners, it is typically the start of the second race season of the year, especially for long distance runners. If fall is your race season, you may need to increase your caloric intake to match your training schedule. That said, our bodies are programmed to put on a bit of extra weight at this time of year to prepare for the colder months ahead, so be careful not to overdo it. Continue reading “This fall, what are some healthy eating tips with seasonal foods?”