Trail Running 101

Adding variety to your running keeps you mentally fresh, and trail running might be the next big thing for you to try. The cross-training effect of hills, the challenge of uneven surfaces and the sheer beauty of the trail can have an uplifting effect on your training. Be an explorer and discover a new part of your city or province. Think of each trail run as an adventure where you improve both your mental and physical well-being. Continue reading “Trail Running 101”

Marathon Running: The New Counselling for Couples?

by Curt Davies

For couples in long-term relationships, there may be times of increased tension. Being with one person can pose new difficulties that are unfamiliar to single people. Relationship counselling may be beneficial for some couples, but not for others.

I’d like to offer an innovative suggestion. Have you ever considered that running a marathon with your partner could be a far more effective, natural way to build a strong and everlasting relationship? Here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading “Marathon Running: The New Counselling for Couples?”

Giving Thanks for Our Volunteers

by John Stanton

At one time running races occurred primarily in the spring and fall—not so now. A review of the race calendar provides a glimpse into a plethora of races on any given weekend across North America. Runs, walks and races are growing at a rapid rate serving a variety of fine charities and engaging people to sign up, if not for their personal wellness, for their person cause. Continue reading “Giving Thanks for Our Volunteers”

David Falk’s Playlist

There is always an uncanny, perhaps unsettling, phenomenon that occurs right as August turns over to September: the leaves turn from green to yellow and the air begins cooling seemingly overnight. A reminder that most of life on earth keeps its own schedule with or without your approval.

I often find my musical tastes seem to have seasonal cycles too. When it comes to fall selections (an artistic reaction to the morning frost forming on my windows) the songs have a sound of confidence with a hint of melancholy–perhaps mourning the heat evaporating back into the atmosphere.

Here are some fall songs that I have frequently listened to during the last few years, as well as a few new discoveries that  keep me running along the chlorophyll-diminished trails. Continue reading “David Falk’s Playlist”

Here Comes the Bride

by Sharon Shewchuk

On May 12, my daughter Stephanie was participating in the Shoppers Love. You. Run for Women, which she has been involved with since 2015. What made this day unique was that it was also her wedding day. Some thought it was a bit “out there,” but Stephanie had no hesitation that she could make this work. She was one of the team captains for her workplace team, and her co-workers rallied to get donations if she agreed to do the run in a wedding dress. The idea caught on and she was one of the top fundraisers in Ottawa. Continue reading “Here Comes the Bride”