Some Runs are Timed. Other Runs are Timeless.

by Executive Director Britt Andersen

Terry Fox said, “It’s got to keep going without me.” And this year once again, Canadians from across the country have done just that.

This September marked the 38th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. The longevity of the Run and the cancer research legacy inspired by Terry’s run is a remarkable reflection of Canada’s respect for a man who gave us an indelible example of what it means to persevere. With over 10,000 fundraising events taking place nationwide, it is clear that Canadians have every intention of seeing Terry’s dream through to fulfillment. Continue reading “Some Runs are Timed. Other Runs are Timeless.”

Shaleena Theophilus / Liberty Village – Toronto, ON

by Shane Dixon

One of the many great things about the Running Room is that we offer a warm, open and comfortable environment for people who are learning to run. We recognize that it can be very tough at the beginning, which is why we offer our popular Learn to Run training program. Of course, the key to any successful program is the quality of the instructors leading it. We’re very proud to have some of the best instructors in Toronto, and Shaleena Theophilus is absolutely one of the best! Continue reading “Shaleena Theophilus / Liberty Village – Toronto, ON”

Servus Edmonton Marathon

Air quality concerns from the B.C. forest fires had organizers and runners concerned for this year’s running of the Servus Edmonton Marathon. Over 5000 participants enjoyed the weekend of activities, including young runners in the the Kids’ Run, which was moved to Sunday.

On Sunday morning, the runners were greeted with ideal running conditions and clear skies. The winners of the marathon were Lucas McAneney (with a time of 2:26:14) and Leanne Klassen (in 3:00:03). The men’s half marathon winner was Evan Esselink, and the top three runners in the women’s half marathon were Anteneh Emebet, Rachel Cliff and Dayna Pidhoresky. All finishers were presented with Servus Marathon Medals by members of the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. Continue reading “Servus Edmonton Marathon”

Reasons to Love the Half Marathon

by John Stanton

Running or walking a half marathon is no small feat—it requires physical preparation and mental endurance. I am amazed when I hear race participants say: “I’m just doing the half marathon.”

Breaking news: the half marathon generally begins at the same start line and ends at the same finish line. You earn a medal, get a new race shirt and best of all, recover twice as fast as the full marathon runners. At marathon weekends across Canada, the 21.1K consistently draws more participants than the 42.2K. Continue reading “Reasons to Love the Half Marathon”

Distracted Cardio

by Kelsey Davidson

Does this sound familiar?

  • Tie up the shoe laces
  • Head to the workout room
  • Turn on the Netflix
  • And turn on the Dreadmill (aka the treadmill that you dread)
  • “Game on” for the next 30 minutes.

I have heard from others about this many times and I have also done them myself.  I’m not going to say I haven’t spent hours on a treadmill watching movies: I have. In reality being on a treadmill for 30 minutes or a hour can be painful both physically and mentally. Every thought of what we could be doing instead of running on a treadmill comes to mind and temptation to hit that red  “STOP” button comes up every 90 seconds: it can be really tedious. I feel it. I also feel the opportunity to accomplish the one task at hand which is running a specific time or distance and not checking out. Continue reading “Distracted Cardio”