Four Ways to Boost Your Family’s Activity Level

by Don Zabloski

When it comes to being active as a family, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Every family is unique and will make active choices that work for them. Some families may thrive on friendly competition, while others prefer not to keep score. One family may choose to devote themselves to a beloved sport, while another finds that they thrive in a variety of activities. Here are some active suggestions to try on for size with your team.

1. Tackle a new challenge
Trying something completely new can be energizing. It could be learning to cross-country ski on a nature trail or working up the courage to jump off the diving board at the community pool. Brainstorm activities you’ve never tried but always wanted to—how about bowling, archery, mini-golf or trampolining? Spend a weekend afternoon at the local recreation centre as a family, experiencing all that it has to offer for adults and kids alike. Or, head outside to the local park for a walk, run, hike or scavenger hunt. Continuer la lecture de « Four Ways to Boost Your Family’s Activity Level »

Saucony | Running Room 5K Program: Nancy Brooks

Student Becomes the Teacher: A Saucony 5K Training Program Story

Accomplishing your first 5K is a true milestone in any runner’s life, worthy of celebration. Yet, as those that have gotten there through the 5K Training Program can tell you, there is some truth in the old adage about the journey over the destination. For some runners even, like program leader Nancy Brooks, it can be a life-changing experience. Continuer la lecture de « Saucony | Running Room 5K Program: Nancy Brooks »

A Life Sentence

I could not tell you the exact moment, event or even potential series of events that led to the extreme shifts in my mood. I can only tell you that there was a time in my life that I spent many a day and night contemplating death. It went on for years. I was unreliable, sad all the time, and absolutely without any energy. It had been too many days, weeks, months and years of the same thing that I had lost any hope that I would ever wake up feeling any better. Not being here seemed like the best option. As a result, I ended up hospitalized after a deliberate overdose, at age 27. To say that the whole incident was completely terrifying would be an understatement. I was lower than low.

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What Runners Should Know About the Air Quality Health Index

by Sarah Gutenberg, BSc (Pharm), CRE, CTE

As committed running enthusiasts, we can all agree with Sting on the importance of “Every Breath You Take.” Having an efficient set of lungs is essential to supply oxygen to our circulatory system and muscles, and to enhance our individual performance over time. Unfortunately, we cannot always be sure that the air we breathe is clean and free of pollutants that may seriously impede our lungs’ ability to absorb oxygen. Continuer la lecture de « What Runners Should Know About the Air Quality Health Index »

The Mississauga Marathon

The Mississauga Marathon celebrated 15 years in 2018 with record numbers taking part in seven different race distances. Fast forward one year and organizers are looking to extend the celebration with course enhancements, a sharp new website, interactive race maps and awesome finishers’ medals. Canada’s sixth largest city comes alive at Mississauga Marathon time, which also aligns perfectly with kick starting a great season of races. Continuer la lecture de « The Mississauga Marathon »

Instructor Profile/Paula Humphries–Kelowna, BC

by Caroline Raine and Deb Stanley

We would like to introduce Paula Humphries, an enthusiastic Running Room training program instructor. Eight years ago, Paula joined a training program at the Kelowna Running Room, for guidance on running and avoiding injury. She became a group leader three years ago and was encouraged to become a full-fledged instructor last year. Over the years, Paula has formed many positive, long-lasting relationships with her fellow runners. Continuer la lecture de « Instructor Profile/Paula Humphries–Kelowna, BC »

Dons de courses

Course : Le 5 km de la course amicale du Père Noël et la marche des Lutins de 1 km.
Montant : 131 054,72 $

par Angela Rafuse

Au cours des 27 dernières années, l’Armée du Salut et le Coin des Coureurs se sont associés pour présenter la course annuelle de 5 km du Père Noël et la marche des Lutins de 1 km. La course du Père Noël est passée d’un événement unique couru à Edmonton à une initiative à grande échelle avec plus de 16 000 participants répartis sur 41 endroits à travers le Canada.
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Courir à travers le buisson des fantômes

par Tim MacKay

Crac, crac. Respirer. Crac, cracRespirer.

La neige sous mes pieds répond à mon allure par un craquement rythmique, assorti d’un rythme parallèle dans ma respiration. Le rythme est très réconfortant. C’est apaisant, réparateur. C’est important. Peut-être essentiel. Le rythme — les battements réguliers — est ce qui me fait avancer. Il marque l’espace mental dans lequel je trouve le plus de réconfort, avec un « gauche, droite, intérieur, extérieur “, apportant calme et paix. Et quand je suis assis sur un sentier dans les bois, la forêt me baigne dans la solitude et la simplicité, ce rythme de guérison est aussi proche que je me me rapprocher de la perfection.
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