Summer Play

Family members of all ages thrive on unstructured “playtime.” This is especially true for Canadian families, as longer days bring extended outdoor play hours. Here are some ideas to help your family get moving and play together this summer:

Active Training. If you missed out on a community run/walk or charity event in the spring, consider signing up for one. Take the family to a free all-ages event like the Running Room 20 Minute Challenge— it might be the springboard for a more active summer ahead. Continue reading « Summer Play »

The Woman and the Bay

by Christopher Redford

Hamilton’s Around the Bay Road Race, established in 1894, is the oldest road race in North America, three years older than the Boston Marathon. The race remained closed to women for 85 years, until Tersilla Komac came along. Born in Castelfranco Veneto, north of Venice, Tersilla had no time for running in Italy. She was too busy working on the farm. Coming to Canada in 1954 at the age of 22, she married Emil Komac and set about raising three children in Burlington.  Continue reading « The Woman and the Bay »

Summer Running FAQ

by John Stanton

It’s summertime, and the living is easy—but a casual approach isn’t wise when it comes to exercising in hot weather conditions. To help you stay safe in the heat, here are my responses to common questions about summer running.

How much water do I need to drink?
As summer temperatures soar, proper hydration becomes a top priority. You need to drink frequently before, during and after exercise. Plan to drink at least two cups (500 mL) of water in the hour prior to your run. During your workout, sip (don’t gulp) water every 15 to 20 minutes, and be sure to re-hydrate once your run has concluded. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, because at that point you may already be dehydrated. For normal fitness activities, plain water is your most effective drink. For workouts or races over three hours, a sports drink can help replace lost electrolytes. Continue reading « Summer Running FAQ »

Are there any food choices that can supply some natural anti-inflammatory benefits for runners?

Exercise creates inflammation in the body, through the act of doing work and producing heat. Runners also have the effect of the impact of our feet striking the ground. In moderate amounts, inflammation a good thing, as it stimulates healthy immune responses in the body that actually make our cells stronger and more prepared to protect themselves. However, repeated long duration exercise, coupled with other environmental and internal stressors, can have the opposite effect and actually contribute to the breakdown of the body tissues Continue reading « Are there any food choices that can supply some natural anti-inflammatory benefits for runners? »

Mon traitement médical naturel

par Marjan Ashrafi

Les signes de dépression et mon anxiété ont commencé en 2004, lorsque j’ai perdu mon seul frère. Ma jeune et magnifique sœur est décédée dans un accident. Après son décès, je me suis aperçue que je m’inquiétais constamment et que je réfléchissais sur tout et sur rien. Sangloter faisait partie de mon quotidien. Je n’avais aucune motivation à faire quoi que ce soit. Je sentais que mes médicaments ne m’aidaient pas suffisamment. Je me détestais ainsi que ma vie.

Continue reading « Mon traitement médical naturel »

Profile d’instructeur/Des Kappel–Kenaston/Winnipeg, MB

La raison principale qui me motive à retourner au Coin des Coureurs année après année, ce sont les gens que j’y rencontre. Je me suis fait (et je continue de me faire) de nombreux amis grâce à ce sport. J’ai couru mon premier marathon en 1980 sans entraînement et sans savoir ce que je faisais. J’ai commencé à m’entraîner et à courir plus sérieusement en 1999. Depuis, j’ai participé à des dizaines de courses sur toutes les distances, allant des 5 km jusqu’aux marathons. Continue reading « Profile d’instructeur/Des Kappel–Kenaston/Winnipeg, MB »