A Marathon and More

by Sandra Karl

When it comes to marathons, I have a tendency to make big plans. In May 2017, I limped across the finish line of the Ottawa Marathon, hampered by an Achilles tendon injury. At that moment, I vowed to myself that I would be back in 2019 to celebrate my 50th birthday and complete the Lumberjack Challenge.

The Lumberjack involves three races (2K, 5K and 10K) on Saturday afternoon, plus a full marathon on Sunday morning. To save you from doing the math, it’s a total of 59.2 kilometres. I viewed it as the ultimate “Embracing 50” party with my sister, brother, husband, kids and running friends. Continuer la lecture de « A Marathon and More »

An Old Friend

by Gary Poignant

I’m thinking about reconnecting with an old friend: the marathon.

My first marathon was in 1996, in Victoria. It improved my life in so many ways. I discovered strength and stamina I didn’t know I had. I finished many unforgettable races, including Boston, Chicago and New York City. I became healthier and happier.

And, most importantly, I found true love.

In May 2001, I convinced my partner and best friend, Linda, to join me for the Edmonton Marathon. She had finished a marathon six months earlier and agreed to sign up for the epic journey through Edmonton’s streets, along the same course set for the world-class athletes at the World Championships that summer. Continuer la lecture de « An Old Friend »

La science derrière les ultramarathons

Les ultramarathons sont rapidement devenus « la prochaine » épreuve de choix à faire pour plusieurs coureurs, peu importe leur forme physique, leurs tailles et leurs expériences, car le nombre de courses d’ultramarathon a augmenté de mille pour cent au cours de la dernière décennie. Le terme « ultramarathon » est généralement défini comme toute course plus longue qu’un marathon (42,2 km) et se déroulant en une seule étape. En 2018, plus de 1800 épreuves d’ultramarathon ont eu lieu dans plus de 75 pays.

Jusqu’à il y a 10 ans, ce genre d’athlètes – et la science derrière la tenue d’un tel événement – passait presque inaperçu aux yeux des scientifiques, donc j’ai pensé qu’il serait intéressant de discuter de certaines des dernières recherches de pointe dans ce domaine.

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Paroles de sagesse de la part de La Marathonienne

par Kelly McGurrin

Mes deux meilleures compagnes à la course sont ma mère, Helen, et mon amie de plus de 40 ans, Julie Michel. Nous somme toute les trois survivantes du cancer du sein. Le plaisir et la valeur thérapeutique que nous retirons de la course ne peuvent pas s’exprimer par mots ; c’est de l’émotion pure et de l’endorphine.

Nous avons couru le Weekend des courses d’Ottawa à plusieurs reprises ainsi qu’un autre favori, le demi-marathon Space Coast en Floride. Une course de la « liste d’objectifs à réaliser avant de mourir » que nous avions souvent envisagée était le demi-marathon féminin de Niagara Falls. Cette année, nous avons décidé de foncer et d’y participer. Continuer la lecture de « Paroles de sagesse de la part de La Marathonienne »

10 Reasons to Love Running This Season

by John Stanton

The weather has cooled down, the year is wrapping up, and it’s a wonderful time to be a runner. Not convinced? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Fresh air is even fresher.
In contrast to summer, when air quality readings can climb to unhealthy levels, you’ll be inhaling crisp, clean air on your next run or walk. Head to a nearby nature trail and breathe it in.

2. Staying cool.
Instead of griping about the fall and winter temperatures, be grateful that you don’t have to worry about heat stroke or other complications brought on by heat and humidity.  Continuer la lecture de « 10 Reasons to Love Running This Season »

Instructor Profile/Marie-Andrée – Du Parc, Montreal, QC

by Harmony Marin

She is a grandmother, an excellent group leader, a great runner, and our current Half Marathon training program instructor. Marie-Andrée Ulysse is an amazing person who always makes people smile. She has a natural charisma that keeps the group united. With her, things aren’t too complicated—running looks light and easy.

Marie-Andrée has always been running for fun. She ran her first timed 10K in 2012. Her motivation to join Running Room was to complete her first half marathon and in order to do that, she needed to know more about running. She wanted to get a good training program and avoid injuries. In 2014, she joined the Half Marathon clinic at our store on avenue du Parc, in Montreal. At the end of that program, she completed her first half marathon, and has been running with us ever since. Continuer la lecture de « Instructor Profile/Marie-Andrée – Du Parc, Montreal, QC »

The Salvation Army Santa Shuffle

by Angela Rafuse

On December 7th, in 37 cities across Canada, more than 16,000 runners, walkers and four-legged friends came together to raise funds for local Salvation Army initiatives. 

In partnership with Running Room, the Santa Shuffle 5K Fun Run and 1K Elf Walk is a family-friendly event designed to raise awareness and much-needed support for The Salvation Army’s programs and services such as food banks, financial assistance for children’s camps, shelter services and more.  Continuer la lecture de « The Salvation Army Santa Shuffle »

Baked Tofu

by Lisa Podlecki, RD,
Diploma Sport Nutrition IOC

Tofu is a great protein source if you decide to go meatless for a day or if you are vegetarian/vegan. It contains all of the amino acids (building blocks) of protein so it can help maintain and build muscle mass. This is an easy and delicious way to prepare tofu for the week—feel free to marinate the tofu or change up the spices or condiments based on your personal preference. The nutritional yeast in this recipe is a great source of vitamin B12 for vegans. Serve as part of a main dish or add on top of a salad.

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