Q & A with Tara Postnikoff

Tara writes our “Ask a Nutritionist” column in the Running Room Magazine, sharing her progressive and practical advice with readers since 2006. She is a Registered Nutritional Consultant, certified Personal Trainer and triathlon/running coach in Toronto. An avid distance runner and triathlete, she is also a regular guest speaker for Running Room training programs.

Favourite kitchen utensil.
Not quite a utensil, but my kitchen is not complete without my Vitamix for my daily smoothie.  I bought a spiralizer expecting it to change my world, but the novelty wore off after a few weeks, likely as I’m not really a pasta lover so I didn’t need to replace the concept. But to answer the initial question, I cannot live without a good sharp knife for all of my vegetable chopping. Continuer la lecture de « Q & A with Tara Postnikoff »

Liste des endroits préférés de Stephen Price pour courir à l’étranger : volet 3 de 5

Lors de mes voyages, j’ai fait la connaissance de nombreuses personnes de tous les milieux et origines. Et, peu importe où je me trouve quand je cours ou quand je parle avec des gens à l’étranger ou de retour au Canada, une question inévitable se pose toujours : où se trouve mon endroit préféré pour courir ?

C’est une question incroyablement difficile à répondre, mais cela me fait toujours sourire, car je suis immédiatement transporté dans tous les lieux incroyables que j’ai parcourus. Et bien que ma réponse change presque toujours, voici le troisième volet de ma liste actuelle de cinq lieux favoris pour courir à l’étranger. (Liens vers les première et deuxième parties).

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Saucony | Running Room 5K Program: Nancy Brooks

Student Becomes the Teacher: A Saucony 5K Training Program Story

Accomplishing your first 5K is a true milestone in any runner’s life, worthy of celebration. Yet, as those that have gotten there through the 5K Training Program can tell you, there is some truth in the old adage about the journey over the destination. For some runners even, like program leader Nancy Brooks, it can be a life-changing experience. Continuer la lecture de « Saucony | Running Room 5K Program: Nancy Brooks »

The Mississauga Marathon

The Mississauga Marathon celebrated 15 years in 2018 with record numbers taking part in seven different race distances. Fast forward one year and organizers are looking to extend the celebration with course enhancements, a sharp new website, interactive race maps and awesome finishers’ medals. Canada’s sixth largest city comes alive at Mississauga Marathon time, which also aligns perfectly with kick starting a great season of races. Continuer la lecture de « The Mississauga Marathon »

Instructor Profile/Paula Humphries–Kelowna, BC

by Caroline Raine and Deb Stanley

We would like to introduce Paula Humphries, an enthusiastic Running Room training program instructor. Eight years ago, Paula joined a training program at the Kelowna Running Room, for guidance on running and avoiding injury. She became a group leader three years ago and was encouraged to become a full-fledged instructor last year. Over the years, Paula has formed many positive, long-lasting relationships with her fellow runners. Continuer la lecture de « Instructor Profile/Paula Humphries–Kelowna, BC »