Instructor Profile/Paula Humphries–Kelowna, BC


by Caroline Raine and Deb Stanley

We would like to introduce Paula Humphries, an enthusiastic Running Room training program instructor. Eight years ago, Paula joined a training program at the Kelowna Running Room, for guidance on running and avoiding injury. She became a group leader three years ago and was encouraged to become a full-fledged instructor last year. Over the years, Paula has formed many positive, long-lasting relationships with her fellow runners.

Paula (second from right) with members of her training program.

Paula has completed several Learn to Run and 5K clinics, plus a 10K program. In 2014, she participated in the Half Marathon program and completed the BMO Vancouver half marathon. Paula likes to lead the Learn to Run and 5K training programs because she enjoys meeting new runners who are starting out on their journey. Her encouraging words motivate everyone who runs with her. Paula is such a positive individual and makes new runners feel welcome. When describing the Learn to Run and 5K programs, her favourite line is: “We don’t have to do hills!”

In June 2018, Paula walked the 800-kilometre Camino de Santiago in Spain, along with another runner she met through the Running Room. The two of them treated the trek much like a race: they utilized the skills learned in the clinics such as progressive training, proper clothing and nutrition. In all kinds of weather, they walked 20K every day for 35 days. Next year, Paula is planning to complete the walk on the Camino de Santiago in Portugal.

Outside of Running Room, Paula works at the local YMCA where she enjoys swimming and yoga. She believes cross-training is beneficial, not only for runners but for improving one’s overall activity. She also enjoys participating in fundraising events such as charitable races.

Paula’s interpersonal skills are exceptional and she brings great passion to our group. Thank you, Paula, for all you do to enhance our running community in Kelowna.

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