Q & A with Angela Sargent


Angela is a buyer with the Running Room. She is an avid runner who fell back in love with running 13 years ago on her maternity leave. She may be a familiar face as she has often been featured in Running Room promotions and other materials.

What are the elements of a perfect training route?
Beautiful scenery, hills and a decent amount of distance.

How do you balance running alone and running with others?
Not very well; I’ve always been a solo runner. I’ve started to run with my husband a little. He’s faster than me:  I consider it speed-work. You know the saying, “a husband and wife that fartlek together…!”

Your dream training partner.
Instead of training, I’d rather be strapped to Andre De Grasse’s back into something like a Babybjorn so I can “experience” running at his speed. That’s not weird, right?

How does running change your head space?
This quote sums it up “Runners Logic: I’m tired. I think I’ll go for a run.” Even dead exhausted on maternity leave, I could find the energy to go for a run; it’s that feeling afterwards that always got me out the door and continues to do so even now. It’s both a headspace changer and a life changer.

PE class in high school can be a bad memory for many: how was it for you?
I was actually scarred from elementary, I was ALWAYS picked last for the Red Rover, Red Rover teams. It floored me: didn’t these people understand that I was a runner? This was my game! It just went downhill from there.

You’re a buyer: who do you have in mind when you are working with designs and making decisions?
It’s not one person specifically but rather all of our customers. I consider both the person who is just starting out as well as the veteran runner. Running apparel needs to be fun without giving up comfort and functionality. Putting on a new piece of running gear should be exciting. I am grateful to work with an amazing team; we are always bouncing around ideas and discussing what’s relevant while doing our best to keep the consumer at the forefront.

Is there a running product that has improved your running?
My Garmin! Having immediate access to my physical activity data is amazing. It’s a game changer if you’re training for anything.

Imagine you are running your dream 10K with live music: list your top three bands or musicians.
Maroon 5, Pitbull and Pink.

Best brunch or brunch spot after a long run?
After a long run, it’s straight home for a shower beer – best thing ever!

Is there a running book, movie or podcast you would like to recommend?
There is one You Tube series that I find incredibly motivating: Prince Ea–specifically A Brand-New Ending. It wakes me up to life every time I watch it.

I would  love people to comment and leave suggestions for me as well!

What is something that you are really proud of?
In the summer, I run a one-week girls youth camp in the town of Beaumont where I live. It’s called Girls Run This World.  My 13-year-old daughter is my inspiration for the camp where we empower girls through running and fitness, building confidence to grow and become the best version of themselves. At the end of every week I am left inspired and in awe of each girl’s inner power and strength. It is amazing what one can accomplish with the right mindset.


Angela uses her passion for running to encourage youth in her community to come together. In her free time, she enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. It is her dream to one day run the NYC Marathon.

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