Elizabeth Moss / St. John’s, NL


by Shawn D. Corbett

Elizabeth Moss leads the Learn to Run program at the St. John’s Running Room. Elizabeth is a dedicated, kind and supportive motivator for all members of the group. She is proactive in ensuring that all members are comfortable. She provides tips to improve one’s running and is genuinely interested in the progress of each participant. Elizabeth takes the time to know the participants’ goals personally, and she is eager to give encouraging advice based on her many years of experience. She is a true coach and leader.

“Elizabeth is personable, approachable and all-around fun. She uses encouragement and humour tokeep everyone motivated. She makes sure everyone is included and no one is left behind. That makes all the difference for people starting out. She deserves a shout out!”

–Deborah Fudge, training program participant

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