Monika Fraczek / Mississauga, ON


Monika Fraczek has been a staple at the Running Room Square One location for the last four and a half years. She is beloved not only by the staff but by the community of runners who frequent the location. Her upbeat attitude helps motivate the individuals in her training programs. She loves her instructor job and her runners love to learn from her.


Monika started her running career by signing up for the Learn to Run training program with a friend who did not want to join alone. Initially viewing the program as a chance to spend time with her friend, Monika did not realize how much she would enjoy running. Monika showed such fantastic promise as a leader that the store manager at the time asked her to become a training program instructor.

Monika’s first race was the CIBC Run for the Cure in support of breast cancer research. She has now participated in it a total of four times. She has also completed the River Run at Erindale Park, the Shoppers Love You Run, and the Running Room Resolution Run. She is a positive influence in the lives of her runners as she sends out motivating e-mails every second day. With her diploma in Culinary and Nutritional Studies, she gives helpful nutrition talks to our training program groups at all distances.

If you visit our store’s Facebook page, many of the photos and videos displayed there are courtesy of Monika. Running continues to be an important part of her life as she balances her full-time job with her personal commitments. She says that running and instructing at Square One are her favourite ways of relieving stress.


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