Staying Fit & Staying Warm: It’s Winter, Baby!

So, it’s winter in Alberta. We know, blah! It comes every year and it’s not as fun as summer. BUT, there’s good news. If you get the right outdoor apparel and find the right people, you can have a good time and also get some exercise and fresh air! And when you wanna be a badass runner, you gotta train through the winter.

Here are 8 tips we’ve learned so far to make running easier outside in the winter (also BONUS – get a discount on your Edmonton Marathon entry – you’ll find the promo codes at the end of this blog) : Continuer la lecture de « Staying Fit & Staying Warm: It’s Winter, Baby! »

Girl Guides Join the Secret 3K Run

It was a unique scene on November 19 at the Eau Claire Running Room in Calgary. Instead of the usual crowd of adult runners, the store was packed with Girl Guides. The energy was palpable as marathon running legend Martin Parnell and award-winning filmmaker Kate McKenzie announced that Girl Guides of Canada will be the new charity partner for The Secret 3K annual run/walk. The run takes place during the week of International Women’s Day and celebrates gender equality as well as creating safe spaces to be active. This year’s event will take place on March 4, 2020.  Continuer la lecture de « Girl Guides Join the Secret 3K Run »

20 Minute Challenge

by Trish Slipp

On July 10th, runners and walkers across Canada and the United States helped celebrate the 35th anniversary of the Running Room with the 20 Minute Challenge. This event dates back to 2004, when John Stanton invited everyone to mark the company’s 20th anniversary by visiting a Running Room location and getting active for just 20 minutes.

John says that when he created the Running Room, his vision was that “no one would ever have to run alone.” His vision has definitely become a reality, as 245 participants joined John and his family at Edmonton’s 109 Street location, and over 11,000 runners and walkers participated across Canada and the United States. All participants received a free cap and for this special anniversary, dressed up in their best 80s gear to pay tribute to 1984, the inaugural year of the Running Room. Continuer la lecture de « 20 Minute Challenge »

Out of the Ordinary

by Melissa Ellis

I ran until I found a balloon.

It was floating by and the string dangled lazily across the sky. I thought it might get tangled on the trees close to the road, but it floated just above the tree line and skimmed across them to continue on its way. I smiled and turned around.

This will be my year, I thought. For one year, my runs would be marked by the finding of the ordinary and the special of the things I saw on my run. Continuer la lecture de « Out of the Ordinary »

Your Race Day Questions–Answered

by John Stanton

At race expos, I frequently field questions from first-time marathoners and half marathoners. I look forward to these interactions and I’m always happy to provide answers and encouragement. Prior to a race, it is completely normal to feel a combination of excitement and nervousness. Asking questions is a great way to ease any concerns and get helpful tips from experienced racers. Here’s my best advice for your next race.

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Atacama Crossing

by Troy Schaab

I blame YouTube. That’s where I stumbled upon a video about a 7-day, 250-kilometre race in Chile’s Atacama Desert. I was in.

Upon arriving at the village of San Pedro de Atacama, I met the other 81 runners from around the world who were also jacked up about this adventure. I remember feeling way out of my league. Most of the runners had done previous multi-stage races and seemed to have all the latest in cool gadgets and running gear. The majority of the supplies in my backpack still had the price tags on them. Continuer la lecture de « Atacama Crossing »

Comment le yoga peut améliorer votre course

par Allie Cooper

Alors que les coureurs démontrent une endurance importante, ils souffrent souvent d’insuffisance dans d’autres domaines qui pourraient contribuer à améliorer leurs performances. La force du haut du corps, l’amplitude de mouvement et la forme correcte ne sont que quelques-uns des problèmes rencontrés par les coureurs, tandis que d’autres ont du mal à conserver la bonne attitude mentale pendant les longues séances de course à pied. L’intégration du yoga dans votre programme d’entraînement peut aider à régler certains de ces problèmes. Voici quelques-uns des avantages que les coureurs peuvent tirer de l’ajout du yoga à leurs séances d’entraînement hebdomadaires. Continuer la lecture de « Comment le yoga peut améliorer votre course »


par John Stanton

Alors que vous vous préparez à courir un marathon, il peut s’avérer utile d’imaginer cette expérience à l’avance. Continuez à lire pour découvrir un exemple du déroulement d’un marathon.
Après des mois à pratiquer l’art de l’autodiscipline et d’un entraînement intensif, c’est le matin du marathon. Vous êtes reposé et bien hydraté. Sur la ligne de départ, certains coureurs sont silencieux et pensifs, tandis que d’autres rient et plaisantent. Il y a un mélange d’adrénaline nerveuse et d’anticipation tout autour de vous.

Le signal de départ est donné et vous êtes parti. Au début, il s’agit plus d’un trainage de pieds que d’une course, alors que les rires et le bruit envahissent l’air. Vous entendez un mélange de conversations sur la course, venant à la fois des coureurs et des personnes qui assistent à la course près de la ligne de départ.

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