Love on a Hill

by Dr. Sunny Leong

Who knew that I would meet my future spouse at a random Running Room hill training session on an August evening in 2014? I had never been much of a runner but I was getting ready to run my first half marathon in Edmonton. Misaki, on the other hand, was a running machine; she had run in 15 or more marathons before we met and had embraced running as a way to balance the rigours of graduate school. Continue reading “Love on a Hill”

Fast, Healthy, and Strong

by Pam Nyrose

The goal for my 55th birthday (in September 2018) was to run a full marathon. In November 2017, I suffered a concussion that took me out of training for four months. The recovery was tedious and painfully slow. I was so excited in March when I got the go-ahead to run for five minutes. By April, I had worked up to running for 30 minutes, which I did at a 10K event in Jasper. After a consultation with my healthcare professionals in June, I was encouraged to save my dream of a marathon for another year. In July, I injured my leg which took me out for another month. I was so disappointed and discouraged. Would I ever get my strength and endurance back? Now even a half marathon was looking doubtful. Continue reading “Fast, Healthy, and Strong”

This is Why I Run

by Rainer Wosnitza

I turned 40 in 2001. Like others who reach a milestone age, I spent time reflecting on aspects of my life—my health, in particular. I was in okay shape, and naively assumed the good health generally accompanying youth would continue. That attitude was wrong. The wheels on my cart were starting to wobble, and as much as I tried to ignore it, I knew my body was sending me subtle wake-up calls. Continue reading “This is Why I Run”

Life on the Treadmill

by Josh Lorenzo

When the temperatures are extreme, I head indoors to utilize the treadmill at my gym.

I have a favourite treadmill, even though all 4200 that my gym offers are the same. The one I prefer is perched on the second floor, in front of a tree, but with enough visibility for me to cast judgment on the individuals eating at the ice cream shop on the opposite side of the street. I’m 40 years old and have fully embraced my judgmental nature.

Inevitably, I set the timer for 10 minutes because: a) I hate running and b) I really hate running. Ten minutes allows me to commit to something without really having to commit to it, and if by chance I am feeling good after the time has expired, I can extend it. Actually, that happened once, seven years ago. I ran for 11 minutes that day. Continue reading “Life on the Treadmill”

Work to Live, Live to Run

by Simon Ong

It is difficult to fit every part of effective training—mileage, strength work, recovery, and nutrition—into our busy lives. There are many things that are out of your control, so the best approach is to take charge of things you can control right now. For example, you could cut back on your weekly mileage in order to balance your work schedule, get more sleep so your body can handle the training load, or adjust your goal to reflect your current work demands and family obligations. Continue reading “Work to Live, Live to Run”

A Deer Friend

by Kristi York

It’s the Thursday of my one-week vacation in my beloved cottage community. With the weekend and our departure approaching, I’m starting to feel emotional and know I need a run. My morning has gotten off to a slow start, though, and it’s already hot out there. Nevertheless, I jam my Running Room water bottle into its angled waist pack holder and head out.

For the first few minutes, nothing feels right. The waist pack is too loose, my shirt is too baggy, it’s too hot, and my legs feel stiff. I run out on to the concrete pier and focus instead on the beauty of the bay. The water is nearly flat to the left side, while the wind direction is making it choppy on the right. I yearn for some spray to land on me as the waves crash emphatically against the rocks. Continue reading “A Deer Friend”

Ran Over

by Josh Lorenzo

No offense, but I’m probably not going out for a run with you. My overall disdain for human beings supersedes my need for social interaction. Besides, it’s impossible to run and converse at the same time anyway. Something about the limitations of human physiology. I read it somewhere, probably on a Snapple bottle top.  Snapple bottle tops have a lot of useful information.

Trust me, you don’t even want to run with me. Sure, I may look like I’m in good shape. My athleticism is pretty on point and I have what many in the field would call a runner’s body: tall, thin, sarcastic. Funny thing though; looks can be deceiving. To put it simply, I’m a terrible runner. Continue reading “Ran Over”

Side by Side

by Michelle Gjerde

One day in 2009, my husband Lionel came home from work and announced that he wanted us to participate in the Great Lake Walk, a 56K trek around beautiful Lake Cowichan. I was instantly intrigued but felt uneasy about the long distance. I spent the next few months walking the streets of Campbell River, B.C. to prepare for the event. Together with our 15-year-old son Justin, we achieved our first-ever endurance walk. It was an exhausting day that turned out to be a blast, filled with hours of stories, jokes and complaints about how far away the finish line was. Continue reading “Side by Side”