Jay Crockett’s Playlist

I recently celebrated 11 years at the Running Room home office where I currently work in the Purchasing department, having also spent time in Accounts Payable and Payroll.

When I started here, I hadn’t been running since college, but I thought that since I was working for a company that promoted healthy living, I would start running again. Since then, I have completed numerous 5K and 10K events.

This playlist is different than what I usually listen to which is sports radio or Garner Andrews on Sonic. These songs are 180 beats per minute, which is the ideal running cadence.

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Matt Davies’ Playlist

Matt is a Buyer at the Running Room. He works primarily on the Amazon marketplace and the runningroom.com shop.


Fall is slowly becoming my favourite season to run; though Edmonton weather can be quite unpredictable, it’s usually neither too hot or cold during this time of year. The summer runners have gone back to the treadmill, graciously freeing up trail space for all-season runners.

When it comes to running and music, I usually unplug. I started running with the RRAC group (Running Room Athletic Club) this spring and we do two to three workouts a week. I usually also do a long run with friends on Sunday; this doesn’t leave me with many runs to myself to listen to music.

The variety of what I listen to on a run is different than a normal playlist. I grew up in the late ’90s early ’00s and am really into the post-hardcore/pop punk music scene of that era. On a run though, I’d rather listen to more ambient songs that match the serenity of the environment I’m in.

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Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks

I have been listening to podcasts for years, so it was natural that when I did start running four years ago, I would bring them along. I can be fussy about what music I listen to. My runs are often interrupted when I listen to music, as I skip songs searching for ones that match my mood or pace. With podcasts, I can choose one and go. I choose a podcast– from 20 minutes to over two hours– depending on the distance and my mood. There is a podcast on every imaginable topic whether you want to be entertained or keep up with current events. Often, I’ll get to the end of a run and the podcast isn’t finished; this is always a good reminder that I am not finished either, so I will leave it on while I stretch and foam roll.  Continue reading “Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks”

David Falk’s Playlist

There is always an uncanny, perhaps unsettling, phenomenon that occurs right as August turns over to September: the leaves turn from green to yellow and the air begins cooling seemingly overnight. A reminder that most of life on earth keeps its own schedule with or without your approval.

I often find my musical tastes seem to have seasonal cycles too. When it comes to fall selections (an artistic reaction to the morning frost forming on my windows) the songs have a sound of confidence with a hint of melancholy–perhaps mourning the heat evaporating back into the atmosphere.

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