The 34th Annual Resolution Run

The 34th Annual Resolution Run was held across Canada and the United States on December 31st and January 1st.

Brave-hearted and high-spirited, runners faced snowstorms in Moncton; high winds and ice pellets in Halifax and mild temperatures and green grass in Abbotsford and Langley. 

With the satisfaction of the 5K complete, and wearing their hard-won Resolution Run jackets and medals, finishers celebrated together over hot drinks and warm food. 

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Q & A with Gaston Ly

Gaston was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the store manager of the Honolulu Running Room. He says that people “generally think of Hawaii as very pastoral but Honolulu is fairly metropolitan. There are definitely no grass huts or coconut bras here although there are a few touristy places in Waikiki and Laie (the Polynesian Cultural Center) where you could find that.”
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Matt Davies’ Playlist

Matt is a Buyer at the Running Room. He works primarily on the Amazon marketplace and the shop.


Fall is slowly becoming my favourite season to run; though Edmonton weather can be quite unpredictable, it’s usually neither too hot or cold during this time of year. The summer runners have gone back to the treadmill, graciously freeing up trail space for all-season runners.

When it comes to running and music, I usually unplug. I started running with the RRAC group (Running Room Athletic Club) this spring and we do two to three workouts a week. I usually also do a long run with friends on Sunday; this doesn’t leave me with many runs to myself to listen to music.

The variety of what I listen to on a run is different than a normal playlist. I grew up in the late ’90s early ’00s and am really into the post-hardcore/pop punk music scene of that era. On a run though, I’d rather listen to more ambient songs that match the serenity of the environment I’m in.

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Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks

I have been listening to podcasts for years, so it was natural that when I did start running four years ago, I would bring them along. I can be fussy about what music I listen to. My runs are often interrupted when I listen to music, as I skip songs searching for ones that match my mood or pace. With podcasts, I can choose one and go. I choose a podcast– from 20 minutes to over two hours– depending on the distance and my mood. There is a podcast on every imaginable topic whether you want to be entertained or keep up with current events. Often, I’ll get to the end of a run and the podcast isn’t finished; this is always a good reminder that I am not finished either, so I will leave it on while I stretch and foam roll.  Continue reading “Alison Jamieson’s Podcast Picks”

The Reward of the TCS New York City Marathon

by Stephen Price

For most of us, running started out as a passive hobby. It was something to do to burn a few extra calories, to maintain a particular level of fitness, or, to ward off an upcoming birthday. Our goals were to run for 10 minutes straight or perhaps finish a local 5K race. But then, something amazing happened.

It’s easy enough to discredit the next stage of our running as simply getting the “running bug”, or perhaps discovering our competitive edge. But it was truly more than that; what happened was that we discovered something deep inside. We discovered that we are extremely capable, our bodies very adaptive, and that there is an athlete inside every one of us. Continue reading “The Reward of the TCS New York City Marathon”