A Marathon and More


by Sandra Karl

When it comes to marathons, I have a tendency to make big plans. In May 2017, I limped across the finish line of the Ottawa Marathon, hampered by an Achilles tendon injury. At that moment, I vowed to myself that I would be back in 2019 to celebrate my 50th birthday and complete the Lumberjack Challenge.

The Lumberjack involves three races (2K, 5K and 10K) on Saturday afternoon, plus a full marathon on Sunday morning. To save you from doing the math, it’s a total of 59.2 kilometres. I viewed it as the ultimate “Embracing 50” party with my sister, brother, husband, kids and running friends.

Photo: Sydney Karl

I had a plan for the finish times for all four races, carefully calculated based on my training runs of similar distances. The 2K, 5K and 10K were all a few minutes faster than I thought, and my marathon time was right where I had predicted.

Crossing the finish line at this year’s Ottawa Marathon was a bit sad, because it meant a two-year journey was over. I had a wonderful group of gals who did a lot of training with me and I embraced the solitude when I felt I needed to adjust to running alone for the marathon. Next, I will tackle the Commander’s Challenge (5K and 21.1K) at the Canada Army Run. I train best when there is something in the future to work towards. Telling the race director via registration and parting with your money is good motivation to train.


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