She Runs Because….


by Lisa Shatzky


She runs because….

every run

knows the moment

to be perfect in its fullness,

rich and delicious

in the here and now

and today is forever.

Because the body is temple

the breath is mantra

and the sound of the heart

her oldest song.

Because every run is

meditation celebration exaltation

and here I am again, she whispers

to the ancestors,

here I am again,

just a child playing in the universe.

Because every run is

prayer blessing thankfulness

for the gift of being here

the privilege of this day

for nothing can be taken

for granted

yet ordinary miracles

are everywhere.

Because running is

the moon weeping when daylight returns,

is the windstirring the grasses,

is the laughter of children,

is the heart coming out of captivity,

is an untethered music

rising up from the deep.

Because running is

the whispered longing

of the mountains,

is the trail craving to be touched,

is the earth sighing in all her

moods and colours,

is the astonishment of seeing

eternity in the eyes

of every living being,

is the spirit wanting to dance

and the mind getting out of its way.

Because running

allows the sorrows and sadness

of life

their time in the sun,

gives them room to move

and breathe

like small broken birds

that can no longer fly

but sometimes are lifted

to touch the sky.

Because running is

the unwritten poem

about to be born,

is the unwavering voice inside

the storm,

is wild and fierce and defiant

against inertia,

is liberation from the mind,

is a freedom fighter for what is oppressed

is the courage to go on and on

when things get tough,

is a little crazy

and a little crazy goes a long, long way.

She runs because

there is a child still calling

through the years,

a child knocking at the door,

I am here to play,

here to love,

here to rejoice,

here to dream,

and running lets the child in,

opens the door

sets the child free.


Lisa Shatzky has four books of poetry published by Black Moss Press. When not running ultras or writing, she works as a psychotherapist on Bowen Island in British Columbia.

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