Marathon Running: The New Counselling for Couples?


by Curt Davies

For couples in long-term relationships, there may be times of increased tension. Being with one person can pose new difficulties that are unfamiliar to single people. Relationship counselling may be beneficial for some couples, but not for others.

I’d like to offer an innovative suggestion. Have you ever considered that running a marathon with your partner could be a far more effective, natural way to build a strong and everlasting relationship? Here are some of the reasons why:

You’re in it together
When you run and train for a marathon with your partner, there is no “I” in the process. You go through the same routine and can empathize with the pain that may be endured. The process of running a marathon is exhausting, but the training involved is even more so. Your body will ache. Your head will hurt. It will be tough, particularly in the beginning, but think of it as a reflection of your relationship. The beginning is always the hardest part, but as you journey through it together, it gradually becomes easier.

Understanding the struggles
Running and training for a marathon allows each partner in the relationship to understand one another. There is no need to justify a purchase on an expensive pair of running shoes. Both endure the same process of becoming fit enough to run the marathon, and there are no reasons to feel alienated after a long, strenuous training session which may leave you sweaty and smelly.

It’s a healthy anger outlet
How do you cope when you’ve had a rough day? Do you go on your computer to escape from the unpleasant realities? Do you take it out on your partner? These are not overly productive ways of dealing with life’s problems, and maybe you’d feel like you’re bettering your life if there was a purpose for your actions. This is why training for a marathon can be a good outlet for stress and anger. You may find that anger perishes and becomes obsolete when you train for a marathon. You may even become a more positive person in general—with your partner by your side throughout the process.

The marathon itself is worth it
Once you’ve gone through the grueling months of training and getting fit, it’s time to actually face the marathon. Your whole journey has led to this moment with your partner, and it’s time to face the 26.2 miles square in the face. This experience is something you will never forget. When you’re running with your partner from the start to finish, you can say “we did it”. Be warned that things could get emotional really quickly—people are often in tears at the finish line. When you achieve a major goal with the love of your life, the experience is even more incredible. Did I mention that you’ll both get a medal for finishing?

Sharing travel experiences
When you run marathons, it’s not just a one-time thing. It can become a long-term routine, and may even become a tradition. Destination marathons can open up travel opportunities. Whether it is in America, Australia, or any other location, there is bound to be a marathon available for you to run. Be sure to take some pictures and write about the journey. You’ll look back at these moments for the rest of your life and be glad you did it.

In conclusion, marathon running can be an excellent way to help take your relationship to a new level. Sometimes you may feel as though you’d have better luck running for Prime Minister than convincing your partner that running is a good idea, but with enough perseverance and commitment, your relationship is destined to be enriched through marathon running experiences.

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