Our Method

Whether you’re about to begin running with the start of the New Year or your goal is to work your way up to a marathon, a mix of walk intervals will be good for you. For beginners, walking before running is a gentle and progressive way to start. Depending on your age, overall health and current level of fitness, walking is a safe and productive activity choice. Think of a regular walking routine as pre-conditioning before embarking on a running program. For someone who has been sedentary, it is much less intimidating to walk than to jump straight to a continuous running program. Start with walking every other day for 20 minutes at a time. Continue reading “Our Method”

The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain for Runners: So You Can Swing your Arms Like Nobody’s Business

by Mitchell Starkman, Registered Physiotherapist

We’re so excited to talk shoulders with you! The idea of shoulder pain as a whole is a huge topic so we’ve decided to focus in on the two most common causes of shoulder pain in runners. These are the most common reasons people have to visit their healthcare provider: Shoulder Impingement and Rotator Strain. The good news is that both of these conditions are greatly related and so, for simplicity’s sake, we will refer to both of them as Shoulder Impingement throughout this guide.

In this Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain I will review the following:

  1. Who gets Shoulder Impingement?
  2. What is Shoulder Impingement?
  3. Where do people feel Shoulder Impingement?
  4. When do people feel Shoulder Impingement pain?
  5. Why do people get Shoulder Impingement in the first place?
  6. How do I fix my Shoulder Impingement?

Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Shoulder Pain for Runners: So You Can Swing your Arms Like Nobody’s Business”

Choosing the Right Shoe

You may already be aware that there are three categories of running footwear: neutral, stability, and motion control. A neutral running shoe is designed to provide cushioning and less foot control as compared to its motion control counterpart. A stability shoe has some component of pronation control material, which is generally placed near the middle or arch of the shoe. A motion control shoe typically provides a significant amount of pronation control and often has some type of non-deformable material, such as a plastic plug, placed on the outer rear edge of the shoe. This is all good to know, but what is the science behind fitting a runner with the proper shoe? Continue reading “Choosing the Right Shoe”

We Are Winter

by John Stanton

Winter running builds character, and our Canadian winters offer character-building opportunities galore. There’s nothing quite like running on a winter morning under a crisp blue sky or heading out in the evening as delicate snowflakes float gently around you. or all its beauty, winter running and walking can also present a few practical challenges. Here are my best winter running tips. Continue reading “We Are Winter”

Reasons to Love the Half Marathon

by John Stanton

Running or walking a half marathon is no small feat—it requires physical preparation and mental endurance. I am amazed when I hear race participants say: “I’m just doing the half marathon.”

Breaking news: the half marathon generally begins at the same start line and ends at the same finish line. You earn a medal, get a new race shirt and best of all, recover twice as fast as the full marathon runners. At marathon weekends across Canada, the 21.1K consistently draws more participants than the 42.2K. Continue reading “Reasons to Love the Half Marathon”

Ultimate Guide to Knee Pain for Runners: So You Can Run Faster and Longer

by Mitchell Starkman

 Alright! It’s time to talk all about the knee, and more specifically, knee pain. When it comes to knee pain Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome is by far one of the most common knee problems for runners diagnosed by health care providers. This condition can go by other names such as  Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome and Iliotibial Band Syndrome (aka IT Band Syndrome). So to keep things simple, we are going to refer to all of these conditions in our Ultimate Guide as simply Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. Continue reading “Ultimate Guide to Knee Pain for Runners: So You Can Run Faster and Longer”

Trail Running 101

Adding variety to your running keeps you mentally fresh, and trail running might be the next big thing for you to try. The cross-training effect of hills, the challenge of uneven surfaces and the sheer beauty of the trail can have an uplifting effect on your training. Be an explorer and discover a new part of your city or province. Think of each trail run as an adventure where you improve both your mental and physical well-being. Continue reading “Trail Running 101”

Giving Thanks for Our Volunteers

by John Stanton

At one time running races occurred primarily in the spring and fall—not so now. A review of the race calendar provides a glimpse into a plethora of races on any given weekend across North America. Runs, walks and races are growing at a rapid rate serving a variety of fine charities and engaging people to sign up, if not for their personal wellness, for their person cause. Continue reading “Giving Thanks for Our Volunteers”