Right From the Start

by Marsha Brown

A month before my 69th birthday, I decided I needed to take better care of myself. I began to go for a daily walk. Every week I attempted to walk faster and soon it was easier to run slowly than walk quickly. I remember feeling a sense of accomplishment when I completed my first mile without stopping. After a few weeks, I had several black toenails. A visit to the Running Room revealed that my shoes were two sizes too small. With a pair of new, proper-fitting shoes, I continued to run almost daily and my distance and time improved. Continue reading “Right From the Start”

Re-learning to Breathe

by JJ Mackwood

While active and healthy my entire life, I had never been a runner. At the age of 31, seemingly overnight, it became increasingly difficult to breathe without pain, escalating to where simple daily tasks such as blow-drying my hair would leave me out of breath. Multiple appointments with physicians left me without answers and on one unforeseen day of hemorrhaging, ambulance transport, admittance to ICU, multiple tests and treatments I was left with a diagnosis of extensive bilateral pulmonary embolisms. Continue reading “Re-learning to Breathe”

From Sprinter to Marathoner

by Andrea Mandzuk

“I’m never doing that again.”

That’s what I told myself after running my first 300 metre race. It was November 2015, and I was in my third year of competing in track and field for the University of Manitoba Bisons. Since starting to run track at the age of 10, I had always been a sprinter. This was my first time competing in anything longer than 200 metres. Continue reading “From Sprinter to Marathoner”

Boston Marathon 2018

by Erin Woodrow

I stood there in awe, teeth chattering, legs plastered in mud like paper maché. Moments before, we had been ushered off yellow school buses, herded like cattle and directed to wait in large fields until our “waves” were called. People wrapped themselves in garbage bags and lay on the ground huddled close together, trying to stay warm. There were no cell phones to be found, little laughter filled the air and friendly exchanges were few. The freezing temperatures, torrential rains and heavy winds made warmth hard to find and spirits even harder to lift. There was, however, a smell of excitement in the air and an energy that even the strong winds couldn’t tame. Continue reading “Boston Marathon 2018”

Book Review: When Running Made History by Roger Robinson

by Margaret Buttner

Fans of running commentator and historian Roger Robinson will not be disappointed with his latest book, When Running Made History (Syracuse University Press, 2018). Part memoir, part chronicle of running events over the past 70 years, Robinson’s account of memorable events such as the 1960 Rome Olympics or the 100th anniversary of the Boston Marathon are brought to life in an extraordinary way. Continue reading “Book Review: When Running Made History by Roger Robinson”