Ran Over

by Josh Lorenzo

No offense, but I’m probably not going out for a run with you. My overall disdain for human beings supersedes my need for social interaction. Besides, it’s impossible to run and converse at the same time anyway. Something about the limitations of human physiology. I read it somewhere, probably on a Snapple bottle top.  Snapple bottle tops have a lot of useful information.

Trust me, you don’t even want to run with me. Sure, I may look like I’m in good shape. My athleticism is pretty on point and I have what many in the field would call a runner’s body: tall, thin, sarcastic. Funny thing though; looks can be deceiving. To put it simply, I’m a terrible runner. Continue reading “Ran Over”

Side by Side

by Michelle Gjerde

One day in 2009, my husband Lionel came home from work and announced that he wanted us to participate in the Great Lake Walk, a 56K trek around beautiful Lake Cowichan. I was instantly intrigued but felt uneasy about the long distance. I spent the next few months walking the streets of Campbell River, B.C. to prepare for the event. Together with our 15-year-old son Justin, we achieved our first-ever endurance walk. It was an exhausting day that turned out to be a blast, filled with hours of stories, jokes and complaints about how far away the finish line was. Continue reading “Side by Side”

Watch and Learn

by Kathy Carter

When I first started using a Nike sports watch, I suppose I expected it to help my running. I never imagined it would help me in so many other ways, too.

The watch was given to me for my 50th birthday, nearly six years ago. Since I am not one to embrace new technology, it sat in its box for several weeks until my frustrated husband finally set up an account with Nike and declared I was “good to go.” Continue reading “Watch and Learn”

Distracted Cardio

by Kelsey Davidson

Does this sound familiar?

  • Tie up the shoe laces
  • Head to the workout room
  • Turn on the Netflix
  • And turn on the Dreadmill (aka the treadmill that you dread)
  • “Game on” for the next 30 minutes.

I have heard from others about this many times and I have also done them myself.  I’m not going to say I haven’t spent hours on a treadmill watching movies: I have. In reality being on a treadmill for 30 minutes or a hour can be painful both physically and mentally. Every thought of what we could be doing instead of running on a treadmill comes to mind and temptation to hit that red  “STOP” button comes up every 90 seconds: it can be really tedious. I feel it. I also feel the opportunity to accomplish the one task at hand which is running a specific time or distance and not checking out. Continue reading “Distracted Cardio”

Forgive Me, I’m in the Zone

by Kristi York

I’d like to extend an open apology to the residents of my neighbourhood (or anywhere else I may happen to be running).

Since I became a mom, running has been less about training for a specific event, and more of a brief reprieve from my daily parenting routine. While I genuinely love being home with my two boys, there are times when the ongoing cycle of wiping kitchen counters, wiping away spills, wiping runny noses, and wiping up diaper messes leaves me feeling, well, wiped. Continue reading “Forgive Me, I’m in the Zone”

Marathon Running: The New Counselling for Couples?

by Curt Davies

For couples in long-term relationships, there may be times of increased tension. Being with one person can pose new difficulties that are unfamiliar to single people. Relationship counselling may be beneficial for some couples, but not for others.

I’d like to offer an innovative suggestion. Have you ever considered that running a marathon with your partner could be a far more effective, natural way to build a strong and everlasting relationship? Here are some of the reasons why: Continue reading “Marathon Running: The New Counselling for Couples?”

Here Comes the Bride

by Sharon Shewchuk

On May 12, my daughter Stephanie was participating in the Shoppers Love. You. Run for Women, which she has been involved with since 2015. What made this day unique was that it was also her wedding day. Some thought it was a bit “out there,” but Stephanie had no hesitation that she could make this work. She was one of the team captains for her workplace team, and her co-workers rallied to get donations if she agreed to do the run in a wedding dress. The idea caught on and she was one of the top fundraisers in Ottawa. Continue reading “Here Comes the Bride”

Why I Run

by Stefanie Novakowski

I love running. During a regular week, I run for a total of three or four hours, even after a few years of marathon training and intensive hiking forced me to ease off for the sake of my knees. But if you told this to anyone who knew me in high school or even in the first few years of university, they’d be shocked. I was the student who dropped Phys.Ed. after grade 10 because it was lowering my average. So, how did I go from avoiding exercise at all costs to running a marathon? It all comes down to why I run. Continue reading “Why I Run”