Running in Bhutan

by Karen Michelson

In 1984, Bhutan participated in the Olympics for the first time, competing in archery (their national sport). The Bhutan International Marathon is run every year in March, with 100% of the profits going to the country’s youth and Olympic sports programs. Continue reading “Running in Bhutan”

Why Race?

by Lawrence Xie

Although my collegiate running career ended nearly half a decade ago, I can still feel the cycles of the running seasons as they pass. It leads me to wonder: “Why do we race at all?”

On the surface, the most obvious reason for running is the fitness and health benefit. Serious training does make the physical demands of normal life seem trivial in comparison, when stairs can be bounded with ease and when one can save time by comfortably jogging without fatigue. However, at competitive levels, injuries are inescapable. Every collegiate runner I have known has been injured at one point or another through training. When an injury occurs, it is difficult to view running as a “healthy” activity and the unfortunate athlete is reminded of his impairment whenever he sees others being active. Given the prevalence of injuries, I conclude that health is not a strong enough motive to train at high intensity. Continue reading “Why Race?”

I Don’t Like Running

I don’t like running. There, I said it—and in a running magazine to boot!

Why on earth would I choose a running magazine as a place to share this thought? This publication is filled with inspirational stories about people who defy the couch and substitute running or walking for (insert vice or life deficiency here) in order to find a sense of meaning and balance in their lives. Continue reading “I Don’t Like Running”

Who’d Have Thought?

by Tracy Vlaming

In January 2017, I started a healthy eating plan to lose some weight and wanted to add some activity as well. In March, I joined the Learn to Run training program at Newmarket Running Room. At the first session, I was both excited and nervous. We started our intervals at running for two minutes and walking for one. I did it that night but was a bit winded. I couldn’t even imagine running for three minutes straight the next week. Continue reading “Who’d Have Thought?”

Blank Space

by Kathy Carter

I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions—seriously, how many are made and broken by January 2nd? So, I’ve been stewing about what to write in that blank space ever since I picked up my run packet a few days ago. I could, of course, go with a running theme, vowing to set a new PB for 5K or run my first full marathon. Both of those seemed just a bit cliché. So, despite the -22°C temperature, I geared up in multiple layers and went for a run today, hoping for inspiration on this cold New Year’s Eve. Continue reading “Blank Space”