Announcing We-TRAC – the Wearable Technology Citizen Science Program

by Dr. Reed Ferber, Ph.D. CAT(C)

The Wearable Technology Citizen Science program is a unique opportunity to share your wearable device data with researchers. Our main goal is to use your data, and the data of your fellow citizen scientists, to help improve your health and your community.  If you track your running mileage and program using a Fitbit or Garmin device, you can become a Citizen Scientist by visiting and signing up.

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Staying Fit & Staying Warm: It’s Winter, Baby!

by Jaclyn Panylyk

So, it’s winter in Alberta. We know, blah! It comes every year and it’s not as fun as summer. BUT, there’s good news. If you get the right outdoor apparel and find the right people, you can have a good time and also get some exercise and fresh air! And when you wanna be a badass runner, you gotta train through the winter.

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Stocking Stuffers/Gifts Under $25

by David Falk

Here is a list of running-inspired stocking stuffers that includes, but is not limited to, fitness accessories of the season: traction aids that keep you above ground and Buffs that keep the cold air out. Our accessory buyer Jay Crockett unerringly picked the most durable and resilient “little things” that will ease the tension with how one gets out the door this winter. All for under $25 or under–cheap never should be confused with inferior, nor small with trivial. After all, isn’t it the little things that make up life or, in spirit of these gifts, the meters that make up the kilometers? Continue reading “Stocking Stuffers/Gifts Under $25”

Beat the Elements

by David Falk

We’re telling the weather where to go and as the classic Tom Petty song once said, we won’t back down. Regardless of temperature variations, our buyer recommendations remain old school: layering tops, wind-breaking jackets and insulating shoes.

One innovation is the increased functionality and reflective capabilities blended stylistically into both accessories and apparel. This new aesthetic get props, but the real hero is the insulation that is responsible for properly preparing you as it facilitates–maybe even celebrates– winter running. Continue reading “Beat the Elements”

The Best of 2018

by David Falk

If there’s a certainty with the end of the year, it’s that we will be bombarded with lists: movies, books, music, breakthroughs, heartbreaks and triumphs. The kind of exercises that make a certain type of people (the kind who yell at Spotify or–depending their age–the print newspaper) angry. Too much this and not enough that.

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Gifts for Someone Special

by David Falk

Just when you think the weather doesn’t dictate our lives, a blizzard, a rainstorm, or a really windy day roars from the depths of the meteorological subconscious, threatening to derail any plans one may have for outdoor exercise.

Despite these disturbances, there are always people running outside, seemingly oblivious to the weather conditions . Your special someone may be one of these people.  Keep that special someone special by getting them a practical gift that insulates them from the elemental forces, ensuring they’re protected from whatever seasonal volatility is on offer today, tomorrow, or in February. After all, it’s a long season, but they can’t get to where they’re going if they’re not properly prepared to start.

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