Q & A with Charmaine Broughton

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Hi! My name is Charmaine Broughton, I’m the mom of two teen boys (Tyler 17 and Colgan 16) and a female Goldendoodle. I fell in love with running shortly after the birth of my second son. For close to a dozen years I was the food writer for Running Room Magazine–a role I took a tremendous amount of pride in. I currently work as a food media specialist and have recently started a part-time dog walking biz (in Muskoka, where I live) – Pawketz Dog Walking (named after our two-year-old pup, Pockets). After years of distance running [a handful of full marathons, countless half marathons and a half Ironman (how I celebrated my 40th birthday)], these days you can find me with excitement at the start line of 5K s–nothing like easily getting on and off the toilet in the days post-race. Those who are distance runners know what I’m talking about.
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Q & A with Gaston Ly

Gaston was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and is the store manager of the Honolulu Running Room. He says that people “generally think of Hawaii as very pastoral but Honolulu is fairly metropolitan. There are definitely no grass huts or coconut bras here although there are a few touristy places in Waikiki and Laie (the Polynesian Cultural Center) where you could find that.”
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