Running Room Staff Review: On Cold Weather Apparel


On recently kitted two of our staff to try their new cold-weather apparel! As fall is in full swing and our cold Canadian winter is approaching, we had them test out the On Climate Jacket, On Running Pant and On Cloudflyer Waterproof. Here’s what they thought!

Favourite garment details

Alice: I loved how the Running Pant had one pocket with a zipper and one pocket without. This was convenient for storage quick and secure storage while running. The drawstring waist was also a nice touch, it gave me the ability to make the pants fit exactly how I’d like. Lastly, the vents in the knees were nice for adding circulation when I started to warmup, this helped to make the pants super versatile.

The inside pocket on the Climate Jacket was the perfect place to store my phone while I ran, it kept it secure so that it wouldn’t bounce. I also loved how the jacket had slightly longer sleeves with thumb holes, this made It super easy to keep my hands warm and I was able to put mittens on top and the sleeves didn’t slide up.

Vincent: The jacket has thumbholes in the sleeves! It’s surprisingly hard to find a men’s’ jacket with thumbholes, despite how much they can increase insulation in winter, and make it easier to layer. It also has two zippered external pockets, and one internal pocket. I love how smooth the zippers are, and how everything feels secure and seated in the pockets while I’m moving.

The pants also have excellent pockets, one zippered pocket on the left, with a pouch for a key or card and a deeper pouch for a phone or wallet. The right pocket gives easy access with no zipper which is perfect for nutrition. It’s really nice that these pants feature some reflective strips for night running as well!

The shoes have reflective laces, waterproof upper, and firm soles. Perfect for winter road running.

Comfort level of the apparel pieces:

Alice: I found the Running Pant to be extremely comfortable, my only grievance would be that they were slightly too long for someone of my height (5’1). The adjustable waist was able to keep the pants secure and not make them feel too big.

The Climate Jacket fits like a glove! I wouldn’t change anything about the fit and it will most definitely be my go-to run jacket because of how comfortable it is.

Vincent: Both the jacket and the pants are some of the most comfortable pieces of running gear I’ve ever put on! They’re soft, flexible, and functional (not to mention the excellent style design!). For comfort, I’d give them both a 10/10.

The shoes are also comfortable. I find the midsole springy and responsive with no pressure points throughout the foot. They have a firmness that gives a great ground feel, without compromising on cushioning for longer distances.

What was the end-use goal of the garment?

Alice: I plan on using the pants and jacket for running in the fall and beginning of winter. The shoes will come in super handy for the colder months of winter and I can’t wait to really put them to the test in the slush on some sunny winter days. The beanie is something that I plan to wear more casually, walking to my classes on campus, coaching ringette in the cold rinks, and on any other bad hair day!

Vincent: The Running Pant, Climate Jacket, and shoes are all perfect for cold weather running at any distance, or cool weather walking.


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