RRAC Interview


Over the next few months, we will be featuring Q & As with our sponsored RRAC (Running  Room Athletic Club) athletes. Today, meet Geoff Martinson!

Name: Geoff Martinson

Years of competing: 20

When did you start running: Elementary School

Biggest accomplishments to date:
Track & Field World Championship 1500m semi-finalist

Occupation: Clinical Hospital Pharmacist

Do you have a favourite race?
St. Patrick’s Day 5k in Vancouver

What are your favourite meals around an event?
Pre-race: ramen; Post-race: brunch (eggs benny)

 What is your favourite way to rest and recover?

Tell us something not many people know about you.
I started my career (in elementary school) as a 100m sprinter

What advice would you give to someone considering taking up elite running?
Enjoy the journey

Who in the sport today do you look up to?
Cam Levins

Favourite season to train in and why?
Spring – that magical time when the fitness is coming together and the big races are finally near

If you could have anything running-related named after you, what would it be?
I’d be happy with some limited edition G-Mart racing flats

Could you recommend a running-related movie that you have found influential?
Without Limits

Race morning routine?
Wake up 3-4hrs before start time, oatmeal, protein shake, caffeine, and a bit of dynamic stretching

Do you ever take on an alter ego persona during a race/close to the finish when you need a boost of motivation?
No, but maybe I should be if it would make me run faster!


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