Q & A with Photographer Kris Acker


We are fortunate to have several Running Room staff and volunteers kindly share their photos with us. We rely on these pictures to document events and to convey the joy and warmth in our running community.Kris Acker, our Area Manager for Atlantic Canada, is one of those people. She is generous with her time, taking thousands of photos, and graciously allowing us to feature them in our magazine and other publications. Thank you, Kris!

Here is a brief Q & A with her:

Kris (foreground) with members of the Moncton Run Club

What kind of camera do you use?
The Nikon D2X and Nikon D5500 are my most used cameras.

What kind of photo do you like taking the most?
Scenery–I particularly like to capture shoreline shots; broken down buildings; fences and flowers. At events, I love to take candids, happy runners posing, and people mid-selfie.

Is there a favourite event you like to shoot each year?
The Brick Resolution Run or the Hypothermic Half, but I also like following Run Club on their Sunday long slow distances.

If you could relay any feeling or message with your running photos, what would it be?
That running and walking with a group is fun.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned with your photography?
That not everyone likes to have their photo taken. 

Is there anything else you would like to share?
When someone points a camera at you–smile; we are helping make your memories.


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