Ten Tips for Running in Winter


1. Layer up and dress as if the temperature is 10 degrees warmer than the thermostat reads. Get out there and enjoy the strength you’re building.
2. Put hand warmers in jacket or pant pockets! Great for when your hands get cold!

3. On cold and windy runs, put duct tape over the top of your shoes to help keep your feet warm and the wind out!
4. Wear your sunscreen, even in the winter!
5. Run with a running buddy/group. Laughter keeps you warm and you learn quickly that you can run through anything!
6. Wear leg warmers. Yes, the one’s dancers wear!
7. Sew a pocket on the inside of your running belt so that you can add some hand warmers. It serves 2 purposes: 1) keep your water from getting as cold and 2) keep the cold from the water bottle from making your back cold.
8. Pack warm and dry clothes and shoes for after your run if you have to drive back home.
9. Put Vaseline on any exposed skin, even eyelashes.
10. Buffs- they can be worn many different ways depending on the weather!

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