Servus Edmonton Marathon Ambassador: Meet Jaime!


We have selected eight enthusiastic runners to be the friendly faces of the 2019 Servus Edmonton Marathon! They will be sharing race updates and training tips to support and inspire our running community along the way. Learn more about them–meet Jaime!

My running journey has taken some twists and turns, like it has for so many of us out there. I was active when I was younger, playing rugby for the Edmonton Pirates and Team Alberta where running was a part of the sport. At this time, I took my walkman out for a few spins around the neighbourhood, but I really didn’t think of myself as a runner. After university I got married and had twins– plus two more–for a total of four boys in five years. This era had little time for self-care, just PlayDoh and blocks, really.

When my marriage was failing, I found running again. I would usually only run after dark (as I was too embarrassed to get my then-over-200 lb. body out the door when it was light out) until I joined a Learn to Run training program at the Running Room in South Edmonton Common.

Running became what I needed it to be: sanity! The unnatural scenario of being a half-time parent to my boys required as much grounding as possible. I trained for–and ran–my first half marathon alone in Las Vegas in 2010 and the experience taught me to lean into the struggle and trust that things turn out.

A few years ago, when financing five people on one salary had caught up with me, a financial planner said, “you need to find a second job doing something you like”. The next week, South Edmonton Common Running Room posted a job opening and I met with area manager Corinne Wiseman: this led to teaching my first Learn to Run clinic, and things came full circle

Over the past few years I’ve learned so much about life, mentoring and friendship. I met my Running Goddesses and from there, RMFR became a thing. We train together, do Dive Bar Friday runs, and bring more and more people into our South Common family (including my fiancé Greg who thankfully thinks running a few hours Sunday morning is great). I have my AFLCA certification now and teach spin and group fitness classes at No More Excuses, where everybody–regardless of shape and size–gets moving.

I’ve run several: marathons; half marathons; trail races; obstacle course races; triathlons, and shorter road races. Some people make fun of the bling, but every time I gaze at that rack of medals I see: courage;  victory; hardship; friendship; belly laughs; parking lot Prosecco; hugs; high-fives, and so many happy tears. I can’t wait to finally run the full marathon at home in Edmonton, as an ambassador for the city I love; where I know that my running family will be there to cheer me in because that’s what a tribe does.


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  1. Jamie! What an amazing story! Thanks for sharing! Makes me proud to be part of the running Community and The Running Room (Kinsmen) family! Happy Trails! Cindy

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