Q & A with Tara Postnikoff


Tara writes our “Ask a Nutritionist” column in the Running Room Magazine, sharing her progressive and practical advice with readers since 2006. She is a Registered Nutritional Consultant, certified Personal Trainer and triathlon/running coach in Toronto. An avid distance runner and triathlete, she is also a regular guest speaker for Running Room training programs.

Favourite kitchen utensil.
Not quite a utensil, but my kitchen is not complete without my Vitamix for my daily smoothie.  I bought a spiralizer expecting it to change my world, but the novelty wore off after a few weeks, likely as I’m not really a pasta lover so I didn’t need to replace the concept. But to answer the initial question, I cannot live without a good sharp knife for all of my vegetable chopping.

Current phone ring tone.
Apparently its called “Opening”.

A quick meal you make at home.
Hands down, a stirfry–well a stir-steam since I don’t really fry. Whatever veggies are in the crisper and whatever meat (or beans) are around and presto, dinner in 15 minutes.

And a meal if you had a couple of hours?
One pot (le Creuset or another cast-iron roaster) meal such as a roasted chicken with potatoes, assorted root vegetables, mushrooms and onions.

Do you follow anyone on social media and/or can you recommend any blogs or podcasts to do with health/wellness/training?
Precision Nutrition is a go-to for the awesome infographics and Dr. Greg Wells for his 1% tips.

Describe a relaxed Saturday afternoon.
Spending time in the backyard with a good book or some music.

What are you currently reading?
I just finished Then She was Gone by Lisa Jewell and I’m reading The Nature Fix by Florence Williams

Besides triathlon training, what other physical activities do you do?
Three sports isn’t enough?!  After swimming, biking and running, I try to include some weight/strength training and when I can, kayaking is next on the list.  In the winter, cross-country skiing is a great workout.

What does running do for you (physically, mentally, socially etc.)?
Running helps ground me, gives me direction and allows me to set goals for myself.  It’s an activity that you can do alone or with others.  It’s been a great social connector over the years including meeting my now-husband and many running friends.  And it’s a great way to see a new spot and connect with nature.

What do you love about being a nutritionist?
The opportunity to help people realize their goals

Do you have a food philosophy?
I really hate labels when it comes to eating.  I recommend people eat a lot of plants (aka vegetables) and eat as minimally processed foods as possible.  When you do want to indulge, do it on something you will absolutely love and don’t feel guilty about it.




To learn more about Tara, visit her website at heal-nutrition.com.

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