RRAC Interview: Colin Fewer


Over the next few months, we will be featuring Q & As with our sponsored RRAC (Running  Room Athletic Club) athletes . Today, meet Colin Fewer!

Colin Fewer

Years competing:

Biggest accomplishments to date:
Three-time Canadian Cross-country team and 11 Tely 10 wins.

Physical Education Specialist

What is your favourite race?
I have three: the Tely 10 (Paradise-St. John’s), Vancouver Sun Run, and the Canadian XC Championships.

Favourite pre-race and post-race meals:
Evening before: steak and veggies
Morning before: Cream of Wheat
Post race: the best gourmet burger and craft beer I can find

Best way to rest and recover:
Hang out with my kids!

Tell us something not many people know about you:
I’m left handed. Right dominant!?

What advice would you give to someone considering taking up elite running:
It’s not as hard as you think. You just need to dedicate a part of each day to training and be consistent. Find a life balance. I am able to work full time, raise two children and maintain a household. I just need to find that hour or two a day to dedicate to training and make it count.

Who in the sport today do you look up to:
The athletes who defy the odds and critics, who train and perform beyond what other people think they can do–especially, those who come back from injury and the masters athletes who continue to improve their performances. Those who make us question our own limits.

Favourite season to train in and why:
The fall. My first real experience with running was cross-country. I love the smell, the fall colours, and running the trails.

What do you do to compliment your training?
The elliptical trainer

Could you recommend a running-related book that you have found influential?
Daniel’s Running Formula

Race morning routine?
Make sure I’m awake two hours before race time.
Have some orange juice and cream of wheat with some quality black coffee.
Stay hydrated.
Reflect on the work I did to get to the race and focus on my goal. 

When you need a boost of motivation close to the finish line, what do you do?
I call on myself and challenge myself to execute my race plan as I had trained to do. And maybe–just maybe–draw on my primal instincts if I need to out-sprint someone to finish line.


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