RRAC Interview: Ryan Brockerville


Over the next few months, we will be featuring Q & As with our sponsored RRAC (Running  Room Athletic Club) athletes . Today, meet Ryan Brockerville!

Name: Ryan Brockerville

Years of competing: 15+ years nationally and provincially

Biggest accomplishments to date: four-time Canadian National team member for the 3000m steeplechase competing at two International University Sports Federation Games and two Francophone Games.

Occupation: Elementary school teacher

Do you have a favourite race?
St. Patrick’s Day 5K – Stanley Park, Vancouver

What are your favourite pre-race and post-race meals?
Penne Chicken Alfredo (pre) and burger and beer (post).

Tell us something not many people know about you.
I am a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan.

Who in the sport today do you look up to?
Reid Coolsaet, because I admire what he has done (on and off-road) to continue to establish himself as one of the top marathoners in the world.

If you could have anything running-related named after you , what would it be? It would be cool to have a Strava segment named after me, perhaps one of my favourite trails in my hometown of Marystown, Nfld.

What do you to compliment your training?
I am very good at listening to my body when I need a break or an extra day of recovery; I have been very fortunate to stay healthy and I credit myself for being pro-active and taking extra time when necessary to recover.

Could you recommend a running-related book or media that you have found influential?
I love the movie, Rush based on the story of the sprinter Jesse Owens and his journey to the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games.

Race morning routine?
I usually wake up 3.5 hours prior to race start time and eat oatmeal, a banana, yogurt, and toast. Then I rest for a bit, drink some coffee, have a small snack followed by 20 minutes of warm up, drills, strides, and stretching before the race.

Do you ever take on an alter ego persona during a race/close to the finish when you need a boost of motivation?
A number of my close running friends have nick-named me  “Gary” with no thanks to myself for always cheering, “c’mon gare” when my friends or competitors are in a race. The name itself stemmed from a trending YouTube video following the life of Gary the goat #greatformgary



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  1. Great interview with Ryan. I remember my days coaching him as a young boy. So proud of what he has achieved. However I’m even prouder of the young man that he has become.

  2. In my years coaching x- country at the school level, I had many opportunities to watch Ryan develop into an elite runner. My most memorable trip to a provincial high school champioship and there were many, was to the northern peninsula. Ryan entertained us for the 20 hour return trip. From dressing in a suit, shirt, tie and pants bought at a good will store in Gander, to proposing to a certain young lady on one knee as she departed from the bus and viewing the N. P. from a hill top, as he said how much he appreciated it’s bueaty, as the other 50 runners walked ahead not noticing what surrounded them, just to share a few memories. He is more then just a runner, a character I will not forget, thanks Ryan. As I used to tell my athletes, the awards will be forgotten but the character you build will last a lifetime. Ryan Brockerville personafied.

  3. Ryan was an athlete with the Royal Canadian legion provincial NL team, he was a great athlete then and is a strong admiralable man. He sure knows how to have fun he use to sing Newfoundland songs to athletes of all the other provinces and tell jokes but when race time came he knows how to get down to it. I remember the first year he was with us when he saw the steeplechase race he told us that was going to be running that the following year. That’s exactly what he did. He is one of the most remembered athlete that I had the pleasure of knowing .
    well Ryan that was a long time ago. I know that you are doing great. Take care and enjoy your life laugh and keep your feet on the ground .

    Best wishes
    Ex chaperone
    Carol Ann Kennedy

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