The Best of 2018


by David Falk

If there’s a certainty with the end of the year, it’s that we will be bombarded with lists: movies, books, music, breakthroughs, heartbreaks and triumphs. The kind of exercises that make a certain type of people (the kind who yell at Spotify or–depending their age–the print newspaper) angry. Too much this and not enough that.

Okay, breeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttthhhhe and admit that despite the reticence we need these lists to help guide us to what we missed, and besides aren’t all our new year’s resolutions to be more open and active in some manner?

So maybe a list of the best footwear, apparel and accessories as recommended by our buyers might be a good jumping off point. Whether it’s the best shoes to provide traction, comfort and resilience; apparel that’s stylish, functional and insulating or accessories that cover the little things, these are the things that keep you motivated on the road all the way to next list season.

Men’s Apparel


Women’s Apparel





Accessories & Electronics


Nathan Trail Mix Plus 2 Bottle Waist Pack

feetures elite ultra light no show tab


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