Gifts for Someone Special


by David Falk

Just when you think the weather doesn’t dictate our lives, a blizzard, a rainstorm, or a really windy day roars from the depths of the meteorological subconscious, threatening to derail any plans one may have for outdoor exercise.

Despite these disturbances, there are always people running outside, seemingly oblivious to the weather conditions . Your special someone may be one of these people.  Keep that special someone special by getting them a practical gift that insulates them from the elemental forces, ensuring they’re protected from whatever seasonal volatility is on offer today, tomorrow, or in February. After all, it’s a long season, but they can’t get to where they’re going if they’re not properly prepared to start.


Running Room Women’s Canada Run Jacket – $129.99


Running Room Women’s Extreme Face Guard Pullover Hoodie – $99.99


Running Room Women’s Extreme Brush Back Thermal Tight – $109.99



Running Room Men’s Run Jacket – $129.99


Running Room Men’s Canada Quilt Jacket – $129.99


Running Room Men’s Extreme Mix Media Zip Hoodie- $99.99


Running Room Men’s Extreme Wind Front Run Tights – $109.99

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