Shaleena Theophilus / Liberty Village – Toronto, ON


by Shane Dixon

One of the many great things about the Running Room is that we offer a warm, open and comfortable environment for people who are learning to run. We recognize that it can be very tough at the beginning, which is why we offer our popular Learn to Run training program. Of course, the key to any successful program is the quality of the instructors leading it. We’re very proud to have some of the best instructors in Toronto, and Shaleena Theophilus is absolutely one of the best!

Shaleena (left) with Learn To Run training program member, Aly.

She has been an active supporter of the Running Room for eight years, with seven of those years spent as an instructor. Shaleena is a seasoned and passionate runner, with a solid racing resume that includes 5K races, half marathons and full marathons. As incredible as these accomplishments are, however, what impresses me the most is her tireless commitment to helping all new runners get hooked on running. She is patient, professional and truly cares about her runners. In good or bad weather, we can count on her to show up with a smiling face and a positive attitude.

Thank you, Shaleena, for all your efforts in supporting our store, our training programs and our Run Club runners!


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