The Reward of the TCS New York City Marathon


by Stephen Price

For most of us, running started out as a passive hobby. It was something to do to burn a few extra calories, to maintain a particular level of fitness, or, to ward off an upcoming birthday. Our goals were to run for 10 minutes straight or perhaps finish a local 5K race. But then, something amazing happened.

It’s easy enough to discredit the next stage of our running as simply getting the “running bug”, or perhaps discovering our competitive edge. But it was truly more than that; what happened was that we discovered something deep inside. We discovered that we are extremely capable, our bodies very adaptive, and that there is an athlete inside every one of us.

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From this point the real journey began. We started increasing our training, taking it from a passive activity to one of passion. We started purchasing running magazines and reading food labels in the grocery store; we joined a Running Room training program and started using words like Fartlek and Interval. We submersed, we transformed, we became.

Our simple goals from the past faded away as we started to dream of longer distances and bigger races. We became less concerned with beating the aging cycle or bettering our 10K times, and more with completing a longer-distance event.

When previously a marathon seemed unfathomable, it soon seemed within reach. And once within reach, there was no turning back!  We hunger for it and find an even greater level of dedication to training. 

And when that day finally comes, that first marathon, it is one you won’t ever forget. It’s the day that we break boundaries, both physically and mentally. We create a moment in our lives that we can truly be proud of, for there is no faking what we’ve done.

For most, the previously spoken words “I’ll never do that again!” are still ringing in our ears while we are eagerly registering for the next. With an all new level of confidence, we seek out another marathon, another challenge. The question is no longer “can I?”, rather it is, “where can I”?

There are few distance runners on this planet who haven’t heard of the TCS New York City Marathon or considered running it but concerns of qualifying or winning the lottery deter many. What most don’t realize, however, is that with help of the Running Room and Dream Travel, one doesn’t need to qualify or win the lottery. We have guaranteed entry packages for Canadians or foreigners living in Canada, allowing anyone to run or walk it, regardless of whether it’s your first or 100th marathon, and so that you too can be part of the greatest marathon on the planet! The only real question becomes: What is the year to run it?

For me personally, it’s been every year that I can. This year will be my eighth time running the TCS New York City Marathon despite saying I’d never run any one marathon more than once. However, there’s something incredibly special about this race that made me break my promise, but it’s incredibly hard to put into words. Talking about standing on the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, within sight of The Statue of Liberty, and in the middle of 55,000 other runners from every corner of the globe, while listening to “New York, New York” boom across the water doesn’t do it justice! Running past two to three million spectators that line the course to support you and your courageous effort, cheering you from start to finish with an incredible intensity in one of the most exciting and colourful cities in the world, doesn’t begin to explain how it feels.  Pushing yourself to your limit, feeling emotionally and physically drained, then somehow finding yet another gear and powering through the last few kilometers on nothing but pure grit to the finish line in Central Park may be the sweetest part but is only a small portion of what you’ll experience.  

It’s hard to explain the emotion and excitement one feels just lining up in the queue before the race starts, let alone what happens over the next 42.2K. But what I can say, however, is that it’ll be an experience that you’ll always cherish and that you won’t soon forget!

No other marathon on this planet comes close to the reproducing the incredible atmosphere that comes with running through all five boroughs of New York. No other marathon rewards you and your unfaltering strength, with the backing of such a vibrant city, like the TCS New York City Marathon.

Contact me today for more information and how you can run the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon and be a part of the Running Room/Dream Travel group. Each year we sell out of our packages months in advance so putting off such an experience would be to deny yourself the ultimate reward of your labour. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you absolutely deserve to stand among the finishers in Central Park!

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Stephen brought together his two loves (running and travel) to start his company Dream Travel Canada, which takes runners and walkers around the world to participate in exotic races. He started running in 2001 in order to lose weight, despite being told since birth that a serious birth defect to his foot and leg would not allow him to run. He quickly fell in love with the sport and within ten months, had completed marathons in New York City, Reykjavik, Iceland and Edmonton. Instructing Running Room training programs was the next step and something that he continues to this day. Between racing and Dream Travel destinations, he has visited close to 100 countries.


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