Our Guide to Keep up with Fall’s Mood Changes


Can’t keep up with fall’s mood swings? Here’s our guide to tackle this season’s unpredictable weather!

If you’re a morning or evening runner, you know that the days are getting shorter and in order to fit that run in you might have to do it in the dark. Our number one piece of advice? Stay visible. Look for gear with reflectivity to make sure you stand out in low light. Light layers are ideal- just enough to stay warm in the crisp air, but not overheat once you start to warm up! Shop here.

Don’t put those shorts away just yet! Snow may be on the ground one day, but that doesn’t mean it won’t have melted away by the next. Wear lightweight, breathable pieces with features like wicking fabrics and mesh inserts. The goal is to pull moisture away from your body- stay cool and dry fast! Shop here.

There’s no such thing as bad weather… if you’re dressed right! Some essentials we recommend: running tights (bonus if they have fleece), long sleeve tops (perfect base layer) and running jackets to block the wind (find a quilted version for extra warmth). Shop here.

We wish you luck navigating the ups and downs of the fall forecast- remember, the weather network will be your best friend this season!

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