Servus Edmonton Marathon Ambassador: Meet Megan!


We have selected 10 enthusiastic runners to be the friendly faces of the 2018 Servus Edmonton Marathon! They’ll be sharing race updates and training tips to support and inspire our running community along the way. Learn more about them- meet Megan!

How many years have you been running?
About 5 years ago I started running longer distances. I started to get serious about it probably 3 years ago once I started doing marathon distances

Why do you run?
It started off because my parents ran, and I wanted to do it with them. Now I run because of how amazing it makes me feel. I love how it challenges me and the feeling I get once I finish a really tough run.

How would you describe your running playlist?
SO random! There is everything from electronic, to rap, to indie/folk. I like to listen to different songs at different times of my speed or tempo runs. Certain songs just give me a power up, even if it’s a mellow song with meaningful lyrics.

What is your favourite route to run in Edmonton?
Definitely around the River Valley is my favourite route to run in Edmonton.

What other forms of fitness do you enjoy?
For cross training I really enjoy swimming and biking at the gym, as well as yoga one or two days a week.

What advice would you give someone who is training for a race for the first time?
The best advice I was passed on was that you don’t need to run everyday to condition yourself, and there is benefit in cross training. I live by the 3 key runs a week, with 3 cross training days. It keeps my body healthy, and my interest in running high. It helps maintain the excitement in running for me, and I never feel “obligated” to run because I am training for a race. I think that is something that can happen when training for a race for the first time. Keep it fresh and throw some good cross training workouts into the mix!

Where is the coolest place you have ever run?
I was vacationing at Hermosa Beach in Southern California in the spring, and I had a training long run to do. I ran from Hermosa Beach to just outside Venice Beach, all along the beach and the ocean. That has been my favourite training run so far, I could run along the beach in the heat everyday!

Why should people run the Servus Edmonton Marathon?
I haven’t ran the Servus Edmonton Marathon before, but I’ve watched my dad run it. I personally love running in the heat, so I look forward to running that. The course around downtown Edmonton and the River Valley is gorgeous, I think the course alone is a great reason to get out and run the Servus Edmonton Marathon!

What is your favourite distance to run and why?
My favourite race distance to run is a full marathon, 42.2km. I love the feeling of crossing the finish line after running a full marathon!

What’s your guilty pleasure?
Empire Donuts and IPA’s- usually my reward after my long runs!

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