Race Giving


Race: Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon
Amount Raised: $180,000

The Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon started in 2004 with a race director’s vision, some friends and a unanimous desire to help fund cancer research.


This year, the marathon raised approximately $180,000 dollars with the help of Brain Canada, bringing the total to over $1.75 million in 14 years. For the past three years, the event has been in partnership with Brain Canada, to raise money for brain cancer research, the top killer of children with cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society hosted an event where they asked everyone who had cancer, or knew someone with cancer, to raise their hand. In a room of hundreds of people, every person had their hand raised. This is why the Winnipeg Police Half Marathon exists. The runners, their passion for the event, and the volunteers who keep the marathon going, are the reason we proudly head into our 15th year, with the hope of breaking a new fundraising record.

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