Marathon of Hope


by Jessie Macdonald

Terry Fox’s generosity and perseverance to raise money for cancer research was nothing short of extraordinary. When Terry began the Marathon of Hope 38 years ago, he ran approximately a marathon every single day. He achieved this with a prosthetic leg not designed for running, and wore a simple cotton T-shirt, fleece shorts, socks, and a pair of shoes.

Chris Walton

At the end of each day, Terry carefully marked the spot where he finished running. At 5:00 a.m. the next day, he would make that his starting point, while his road companions drove the van and tracked his mileage. He ran through the towns and cities along the Trans-Canada Highway, raising awareness and funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. He ran for the children in the cancer ward, whose brave smiles were etched in his mind. He inspired us all with his devotion.

Today, we continue to honour Terry’s mission: to raise money for cancer research, to lessen suffering, and bring hope to the lives affected by cancer. On April 15, in Running Room stores across Canada, runners and walkers celebrated Terry’s legacy, the Marathon of Hope. In 2018, we donate mostly online rather than in cash, and we measure our distances in kilometres instead of miles. Even so, our shared passion lives on, both for running and for making progress in cancer research.


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