Laura’s 50th Marathon


by Ed Wagner

At this year’s Marathon of Hope Celebration in Edmonton, Laura Weir ran her 50th marathon. The full marathon distance of 42.2 kilometres is a long road for anyone, but Laura’s journey was particularly challenging after experiencing life-threatening injuries in a car accident 23 years ago. After six weeks in a coma and a year in a wheelchair, Laura had to re-learn how to walk and speak. During her rehabilitation, she set a goal to run a marathon, and now she has completed 50 of them.

From left, Darrin Park (Terry Fox Run Edmonton Chair), Ed Wagner, Laura Weir, Chase Pennell, John Stanton, Alison Jamieson and Nic Martin. Below left: Laura in front of the 109 Street store. Below right: Laura on course with pacer Chase Pennell.

Laura’s marathon was conceived as seven 6K out-and-back repeats past the University of Alberta. On each stage, she was accompanied by volunteer pacers: Ed Wagner, Matt Davies, Alison Jamieson, Nic Martin and Chase Pennell. The conditions were perfect for running, with the snow melting just enough so that footing was secure.

Running Room created a special plaque to recognize Laura’s 50th marathon, presented by John Stanton during the Marathon of Hope Celebration. Laura spoke about being inspired by Terry Fox and his amazing feat of running a marathon a day.



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