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by Brittany Wright

Run Club participants here in Charlottetown tell us regularly that there’s just something special about our group compared to other groups they’ve run with. I believe this has a lot to do with our awesome training program instructors. We have a fantastic group that have led numerous programs for us over the past few months (or years!) and we want to give them a shout out. Rather than profile one instructor, we’d like to profile them all.

Anne has led programs since before I started managing here in 2016. She can always be counted on to step in if we don’t have an instructor for any program, and she does an amazing job encouraging and motivating others. People will join a program as soon as they hear that she’s leading it! She’s involved in other community activities and cross-trains regularly to keep balanced, but you can always count on seeing her at running events.

Sandra is another awesome instructor  who has led several training programs forus too. She and Anne have worked together and make an awesome team. Sandra has gone through almost all of our training programs herself and is a shining example of their success. She can be found smiling, cheering everyone on and giving out high fives at the end of a run. Her willingness to step up and lead a group is something we’re very grateful for—and boy, does she ever look awesome in Running Room apparel!

Melanie and Emily are a new team we have co-leading together. Melanie, a well-adored instructor who has led programs for us in the past, does informative talks for other groups as well. She encourages cross-training to prevent injuries and build balanced strength and flexibility. Emily joined her in leading our recent 5K program, and the group had so much fun that they are all returning to do the 10K program together!

Krissie and Nathan have led a few programs for us recently, including our latest full marathon group. They are a great team, albeit a bit batty! They have a lot of fun with their participants and work really well together. Krissie can often be found hanging around long after a group run to chat to members and other Run Clubbers about their training progress. She is very compassionate and encouraging. You can always spot Nathan at an event, thanks to his bright pink compression socks and maybe even a tutu. You can tell both Krissie and Nathan feel strongly about seeing everyone happy at the end of a run. They both take part in stretch classes and love their foam rollers!

Janice, also known as “Smiley,” has been a superb fit leading our Learn to Run program. She’s great at providing a safe, comfortable, and fun atmosphere for newbies to develop their love of running. Janice says that seeing their accomplishments is the highlight of instructing. Last year, Janice ran her first full marathon, and the image of her running with a large handful of Run Clubbers by her side is a testament to how everyone feels about her.

We’ve had other fantastic coaches (Shelley, Keri, Karen, Star, Katie, Peggy, Amanda and others) who we can’t describe in detail here, but we hope to have them back to lead again!

Our instructors and groups are simply awesome. They choose fun team names and invent callbacks that they shout out during Run Club announcements. It makes everyone smile and adds to the atmosphere that separates us from other clubs. This really is a friendly, welcoming, social group that provides hugs, high-fives, smiles and camaraderie to anyone who joins in. We are so lucky!

From top: Anne (far left) and Sandra (far right), with Brittany (in foreground); Melanie (centre with purple headband) and Emily (bottom right); Krissie (far left) and Nathan (far right); Krissie (left, in red), Janice, Anne, and Sandra; Anne (second from left) and Sandra (centre).

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  1. Hi , my name is Des Evans, from Newquay, Cornwall , England, I will be visiting PEI June 28 until July 7 , where and when do you meet on your club night

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