Shop Our Favourite Summer Looks!


Check out a few of our favourite summer running looks! From cool mornings to hot summer days, we’ve got the best products to choose from.

The Hot Summer Day look is a comfortable option that will improve your performance by providing you a cool option to enjoy your run at any time!

This outfit was inspired by all those who love to Run n’ Brunch. 

In it for the Long Run supports male runners to go the distance. These high-quality products will enhance your running experience by keeping you cool, dry, and hydrated.

The Fashionista look is about feeling comfortable with what you’re wearing, but also feeling good about yourself!

Our Race Day look will help you achieve great results without worrying about what you’re wearing the day of.

Summer in Canada can be very unpredictable. The Cool Mornings outfit will keep you warm as you begin your run and yet the breathable material won’t make you overheat. Start your day by choosing the perfect clothes and pair of shoes, no matter how chilly it is out there.

Shop more today and comment below about your favourite running must-haves.

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