Lisa Fisher / Bedford, NS


by Kelly Parsons

A year ago, I reluctantly joined a 5K training program at the Running Room in Bedford. My 19-year-old daughter suggested that we complete the program together, and I was just excited that she wanted to hang out with her mother! The group had about 15 participants and the instructor was Lisa Fisher.

After the 5K program was completed, Lisa instructed a 10K class, consisting mostly of the original crew, who Lisa nicknamed her “Iron Ladies.” Next, she instructed a 16K or 10-mile training program, and again we had the returning participants from the 10K group, plus a few more who likely saw or heard about how much fun we were having. This led into a second 16K program that has now swelled to over 40 participants in size.

Lisa is an upbeat, funny and amazing instructor. She is inclusive to all members, learning about each of us and encouraging us past our individual hurdles. She has a private Facebook group where we can all communicate, post pictures and establish a sense of community and accountability. Lisa wants to see each member succeed and shares in celebrating all our successes. She brings interesting speakers and activities for our clinic nights so there is always something to look forward to, even after a full year.

If someone has suffered an injury, she will reach out to check in and see if everything is okay. We have celebrated birthdays, gone out to eat together after races, put together care packages for members going through a rough patch, run in costume, run with pets, and run together outside of regularly scheduled times. Unfortunately, Lisa is taking a break from instructing to pursue her other interests, which include running with her pride and joy… no, not her husband… her dog! I wanted share what a tremendous instructor, friend, coach and cheerleader she has been for all the runners here at the Bedford location. Thank you, Lisa!

Photo: Lisa (on right) with Kelly



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