Winter Wisdom From Our Team


by Kristi York

Who better to provide advice about sticking to a winter activity routine than the staff at the Running Room Home Office? They’re highly qualified for the task, seeing as they work for a running and walking retail company, they’re surrounded by active co-workers and they live in the frosty winter climate of Edmonton. Read on for their best winter motivation tips. 

“If I’m doing an out-and-back route, I run into the wind for the first part, so the wind is behind me as I return.”
– John Stanton, CEO and Founder

“It’s all in the gear, it really is. I don’t mind running in the winter,
because I dress appropriately for it.”
– Andrew Peters, Footwear and Apparel Buyer

 “Our family just got a dog, so now I have a buddy for my exercise.
Winter running with Chewie makes it even more enjoyable.”
– John Stanton Jr., Chief Operating Officer

“I bring my gym clothes with me to work so I can go straight there
without having to stop at home.”
– Deanna Payne, Graphic Designer

“I’ve learned to choose a time of day that works for me. I’m much more likely to go to a 4:30 p.m. yoga class than a 7:30 p.m. one, so I set my schedule accordingly.”
– Maja Staka, Translation

“I love yoga, but not a cold yoga mat. I bring mine inside with me
during the day instead of leaving it in the car.”
– Carina Benoit, Marketing Creative Lead

“When I register for a spring race, it motivates me to get my miles
in during the winter.”
– Matt Norminton, Director of Purchasing

“I’m a people person, so for me, it’s about being active with friends.
I like to work out early in the morning, so I don’t have to face it at
the end of the day when it’s cold and dark.”
– Liz Caine, National Events Coordinator

“The anticipation of holiday celebrations, and the reality of the
post-holiday season, keep me motivated to get my workouts in.”

– Wanda Gee, Visual Merchandising

“I run to work two or three times a week. It gets my workout done
so I have time for other things at the end of the day.”
– Matt Davies, and Online Buyer

“I go to a kickboxing class that is on my way home from work, so
there is no excuse to miss it.”
– Jessie Stewart, Web Designer

“I joined a Running Room training program.  It’s only the second
week, but I am enjoying the sense of community.”
– Allan Cabral, Marketing Coordinator

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