Dan Richard and Debbie Cameron / Moncton, NB


by Emma Belcher

Living in Canada, cold winters are to be expected. As a runner, the Hypothermic Half is a rite of passage, something that allows you to say: “Yes, I am that crazy—I run in the cold, frozen, Canadian winter.”

A runner can choose to miss a day when the weather turns nasty, but a training program instructor doesn’t have that luxury. For this reason, Hypo Half instructors deserve extra kudos. Dan Richard and Debbie Cameron are Moncton’s newest coaches, leading a large training program on to Hypo Half greatness.

Both instructors are familiar to the store, either through taking clinics or teaching them. Dan has only been running for five years but his physical and personal transformations are inspiring. This is the fourth clinic he has taught; the first was with staff member Anita where he affectionately became known as “Dan Dan the Route Man” for his innovative routes designed to challenge and put a smile on runners’ faces. Last year, he took up triathlons and completed his first Ironman at Mont Tremblant. “The venue and the energy from the spectators was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before,” Dan says. He adds that he loves helping others reach their personal goals and the best thing about running is the sense of freedom he gets from running outdoors.

Debbie Cameron and her dog Penny have been around the Running Room seemingly forever, but she has technically only been running with the store since 2011. Debbie is an experienced runner with a lot to offer. Since her favourite race is the Hypo Half, she jumped at the chance to coach the new training program that started in October. Debbie says she loves teaching runners about the sport and helping them reach their goals. When she is not teaching clinics, you can usually find her enrolled in one or serving as a group leader—she just keeps giving back. The only down side is that her canine running partner Penny sometimes gets more attention and recognition than she does!


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