“Learn to Run” Training Program was my first success


by Rosemarie James

Imagine running an errand to purchase fish for a family super and you end up running a marathon! Well, believe it or not this is not a fish tale because it happened to me! Three years ago, on a September evening, I became a member of the Running Room, located in Churchill Square, St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I noticed a sign posted in their window offering a clinic titled “Women’s Learn to Run.” As I had no experience with running, and did not even own a pair of sneakers, I decided to see what it was all about. It was autumn, and although running at night did not really appeal to me, I asked myself “What have I got to lose?” I then thought “Well, if I don’t like I’ll give it up…. no big deal.” After a little deliberation I took the first step and joined, realizing that the only thing I was truly certain about was that I indeed did not know how to run!

I learned from the store manager, Bruce Bowen, what I had actually gotten myself into. He informed me that a 30-minute clinic was being offered on Friday evenings and that each weekly clinic would offer presentations and talks, followed by a question and answer period, concluding with a short run. I thought one run a week couldn’t hurt, little did I know that that would be one of 4 runs a week.

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