How to Train for a Marathon and Have a Life

by Dan Chabert

A marathon is an enormous distance, and training for one takes a lot of commitment and time. When you decide to register for a marathon, one of the first thoughts that comes to your mind might be how in the world will you be able to train for such a huge distance while still honouring your other obligations related to your work and family while also still having something of a normal life. As long as you remain flexible, be creative, and don’t mind some planning, you can do it! Here are some tips to get you started. Continue reading “How to Train for a Marathon and Have a Life”

Eating Away From Home

by Jen Rawson, RD

Meal planning is one of the essential steps in achieving a balanced diet to fuel your running performance. Planning also saves you money, reduces food waste and cuts down on meal prep time.  However, what happens when you’re away from home? There is nothing wrong with heading for vacation and eating out three meals a day and tasting the local cuisine. Sometimes you want a break from life and responsibilities like cooking and cleaning. But if you’re travelling frequently and want to stay on track for your goal race, these tips can help you maintain some balance and routine no matter where you go. Continue reading “Eating Away From Home”

The Best of 2018

by David Falk

If there’s a certainty with the end of the year, it’s that we will be bombarded with lists: movies, books, music, breakthroughs, heartbreaks and triumphs. The kind of exercises that make a certain type of people (the kind who yell at Spotify or–depending their age–the print newspaper) angry. Too much this and not enough that.

Okay, breeeeeeaaaaaaaatttttttthhhhe and admit that despite the reticence we need these lists to help guide us to what we missed, and besides aren’t all our new year’s resolutions to be more open and active in some manner? Continue reading “The Best of 2018”

Kristi York’s Playlist

It is with a certain amount of sheepishness that I admit I’m way too old to be listening to pop music sung by adolescents. Unfortunately, there’s simply nothing out there today that revs my running engine like a way-back playback from the fresh-faced, spiky-haired dudes of the 1990s. I fill my iPod with their catchy songs and give myself over to the unbridled teenage nostalgia. So, read on if you had a crush on Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees or if you remember the short-lived trios known as 3Deep and Tony Toni Toné.  Continue reading “Kristi York’s Playlist”

Gifts for Someone Special

by David Falk

Just when you think the weather doesn’t dictate our lives, a blizzard, a rainstorm, or a really windy day roars from the depths of the meteorological subconscious, threatening to derail any plans one may have for outdoor exercise.

Despite these disturbances, there are always people running outside, seemingly oblivious to the weather conditions . Your special someone may be one of these people.  Keep that special someone special by getting them a practical gift that insulates them from the elemental forces, ensuring they’re protected from whatever seasonal volatility is on offer today, tomorrow, or in February. After all, it’s a long season, but they can’t get to where they’re going if they’re not properly prepared to start.

Continue reading “Gifts for Someone Special”

Twenty Minute Seafood Chowder

by Charmaine Broughton

One of my recent goals is to do less, and Ive applied this philosophy to my running as well. Instead of setting grand running goals, as I have been known to do in the past, my goal has been to run 5K. Its amazing how doing less can be so liberating. Truthfully, I have never felt happier or healthier. This recipe will have you doing less in the kitchen, yet still enjoying flavourful and healthy fuel. Heres to having more by doing less! Continue reading “Twenty Minute Seafood Chowder”

The Science of Massage Therapy

by Dr. Reed Ferber, Ph.D. CAT(C)

Massage therapists have been a part of the sports medicine team for decades, and there’s some solid research out there that demonstrates how massage can help prevent injuries and aid post-run recovery. The fundamental theory behind massage therapy is that the manipulation of different layers of muscle and connective tissue has two main effects: first, improving muscle function; and second, assisting with muscle recovery and rehabilitation. Continue reading “The Science of Massage Therapy”

Gifts for the Beginner and Experienced Runners

by David Falk

The season is slowly creeping in on the calendar; the air has transitioned from cooling to cold and as we greet the impending new year and the snowy fields that define Canadian winter, runners need to be ready with the right gear. Whether training inside or out, whether expert or beginner, your runner needs the right shoes, jackets, and tops because when it fits and feels right, the effort is inevitably easier and can be–dare we say it–fun. Here are a few favorites picked by the Running Room purchasing department for the runner in your life.
Continue reading “Gifts for the Beginner and Experienced Runners”

Pre-Race Jitters

by Nicholas Larade

Stepping up to the start line can be a nerve-wracking experience, whether it’s your first 5K or your tenth marathon. Learning to overcome your pre-race jitters can be one of the factors separating you from your best performance.

Pre-race jitters can manifest in many different ways. Some runners may not be able to sleep the night before the race, while other runners may forget important items like their race bib, nutrition products or shoes. Pre-race jitters are one subset of a greater range of issues that fall under performance anxiety. Continue reading “Pre-Race Jitters”

Off-Season Nutrition

by Jen Rawson, RD

As runners, our schedules and timelines revolve around our training cycles. After a major goal race, runners are advised to take an off-season where the body is allowed time to rest and recover before the next challenge. While most runners have charts and schedules detailing their training plan, mileage, and splits, many forgetto consider how their nutrition should vary during different stages of the training cycle.

A high carbohydrate diet is the accepted standard diet for a runner. While that’s the best approach during train-ing, adjusting the diet with training cycles can help achieve optimum performance on race day and recovery during the off-season. Continue reading “Off-Season Nutrition”